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Cooke, Philip - The Legacy of the Italian Resistance, ebook

The Legacy of the Italian Resistance

Cooke, Philip


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Philip Cooke
2. 1945–1948
Philip Cooke
3. 1948–1955
Philip Cooke
4. 1955–1960
Philip Cooke
5. From the Customshouse to the Pantheon: From the Pantheon to the Piazza
Philip Cooke
6. 1970–1978
Philip Cooke
7. 1978–1989
Philip Cooke

Dunst, Alexander - The World According to Philip K. Dick, ebook

The World According to Philip K. Dick

Dunst, Alexander


Between Scanner and Object: Drugs and Ontology in Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly
Marcus Boon
6. From Here to California: Philip K. Dick, The Simulacra and the Integration of ‘Germany’
Laurence A. Rickels

Abbott, Philip - Accidental Presidents, ebook

Accidental Presidents

Abbott, Philip


Table of contents
1. Succession and Democratic Theory
Philip Abbott
Part I. Independent Strategies
2. John Tyler “I can never consent to being dictated to”
Philip Abbott
3. Millard Fillmore “God save us from Whig Vice Presidents”
Philip Abbott
4. Andrew Johnson “I care not about my dignity”

Giddings, Philip - The Future of Parliament, ebook

The Future of Parliament

Giddings, Philip


Modes of Scrutiny
Dawn Oliver, Paul Evans, Philip Norton, Colin Lee
13. Untouched by Reform — Private Members Bills and Delegated Legislation
Dawn Oliver, David Miers, Paul Evans
14. Less is More?
Dawn Oliver, David Miers, Paul Evans

Arestis, Philip - Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Economic Policy, ebook

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Economic Policy

Arestis, Philip


Table of contents
Part I. Microeconomics
1. The Function of Firms: Alternative Views
Nina Shapiro
2. Industrial Structure and the Macro Economy
Keith Cowling, Philip R. Tomlinson
3. Unemployment, Power Relations, and the Quality of Work
David A. Spencer
4. The Problem of Young People Not in Employment,

Rush, Philip - Real Market Economics, ebook

Real Market Economics

Rush, Philip


Table of contents
Part I. The Economy
1. Foundations
Philip Rush
2. Real Activity
Philip Rush
3. Inflation and the Business Cycle
Philip Rush
Part II. Stabilisers
4. Fiscal Policy
Philip Rush
5. Monetary Policy
Philip Rush
6. Macroprudential Policy
Philip Rush
Part III.