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Waschke, Marvin - Personal Cybersecurity, ebook

Personal Cybersecurity

Waschke, Marvin


Table of contents
1. What’s Biting Us
Marvin Waschke
2. Why Is Computer Security So Weak?
Marvin Waschke
3. How Does Computer Security Work?
Marvin Waschke
4. Your Computer Is a Target
Marvin Waschke
5. Misuse of Computers
Marvin Waschke
6. Cloud Threats
Marvin Waschke

Buyya, Rajkumar - Fog and Edge Computing: Principles and Paradigms, ebook

Fog and Edge Computing: Principles and Paradigms

Buyya, Rajkumar


A comprehensive guide to Fog and Edge applications, architectures, and technologies
Recent years have seen the explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT): the internet-connected network of devices that includes everything from personal electronics and home appliances to automobiles

Logie, Robert H. - Personal Multimedia Preservation, ebook

Personal Multimedia Preservation

Logie, Robert H.


Table of contents
Part I. Interdisciplinary Foundations
1. Multimedia Preservation: Why Bother?
Claudia Niederée, Vasileios Mezaris, Heiko Maus, Robert H. Logie
2. Preserving and Forgetting in the Human Brain
Robert H. Logie, Maria Wolters, Elaine Niven
3. Multimedia Processing Essentials

Membrey, Peter - Learn Raspberry Pi with Linux, ebook

Learn Raspberry Pi with Linux

Membrey, Peter


Table of contents
1. Your First Bite of Raspberry Pi
Peter Membrey, David Hows
2. Surveying the Landscape
Peter Membrey, David Hows
3. Getting Comfortable
Peter Membrey, David Hows
4. The File-Paths to Success
Peter Membrey,…

Nicolaisen, Nancy - Getting StartED with Netbooks, ebook

Getting StartED with Netbooks

Nicolaisen, Nancy


Table of contents
1. Getting the Best Fit and Value
Nancy Nicolaisen
2. Getting Connected
Nancy Nicolaisen
3. Hands-On Power Shopping: Best of Breed Tools for Today's Netbooks and the Cloud Lifestyle
Nancy Nicolaisen
4. A Beginner’s…

Amr, Tarek - Practical D3.js, ebook

Practical D3.js

Amr, Tarek


Table of contents
Part I. Understanding Data Visualization
1. Understanding Data Visualization
Tarek Amr, Rayna Stamboliyska
2. Structuring and Designing Data Visualizations
Tarek Amr, Rayna Stamboliyska
3. Getting the Facts Right

Ribeiro, Bernardete - Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms, ebook

Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms

Ribeiro, Bernardete


Table of contents
Part I. Neural Networks
1. ADFUNN: An Adaptive Function Neural Network
Dominic Palmer-Brown, Miao Kang
2. Certain comments on data preparation for neural networks based modelling
Bartlomiej Beliczynski
3. A simple method for selection of inputs and structure of feedforward neural networks