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Davies, David - Philosophy of the Performing Arts, ebook

Philosophy of the Performing Arts

Davies, David


This book provides an accessible yet sophisticated introduction to the significant philosophical issues concerning the performing arts.Presents the significant philosophical issues concerning the performing arts

Whybrow, Nicolas - Performing Cities, ebook

Performing Cities

Whybrow, Nicolas


Writing Performing Cities: An Introduction
Nicolas Whybrow
Part I. Urban Rhythms
2. Performing Palermo: Protests Against Forgetting
David Williams
3. Sprawled, Distracted, and Trembling: Performing LA
Sue-Ellen Case
4. Performing Paris: An

Levin, Laura - Performing Ground, ebook

Performing Ground

Levin, Laura


Table of contents
1. World Pictures
Laura Levin
2. Camouflage Acts
Laura Levin
3. Performing Ground
Laura Levin
4. The Environmental Unconscious
Laura Levin
5. Embedded Performance
Laura Levin
6. Epilogue: Situating the Self
Laura Levin

Orozco, Lourdes - Performing Animality, ebook

Performing Animality

Orozco, Lourdes


Performing’ Animals and ‘Theatres of Species’
7. Massive Bodies in Mortal Performance
Kim Marra
8. Embattled Animals in a Theatre of Species
Una Chaudhuri
9. Animal Pasts and Presents
Jennifer Parker-Starbuck
10. Effacing the Human

Fisher, Tony - Performing Antagonism, ebook

Performing Antagonism

Fisher, Tony


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Performance and the Tragic Politics of the Agōn
Tony Fisher
2. Tragedy’s Philosophy
Simon Critchley
3. Tragedy: Maternity, Natality, Theatricality
Olga Taxidou
4. Parterre: Olympic Wrestling, National Identities, and the Theatre of Agonism
Broderick D. V.

Bonin-Rodriguez, Paul - Performing Policy, ebook

Performing Policy

Bonin-Rodriguez, Paul


A Politic of Purpose: “The Arts and the Public Purpose” (1997)
Paul Bonin-Rodriguez
3. New Work Now! The Austin New Works Theatre Community (2012)
Paul Bonin-Rodriguez
4. Accounting for Capital: The Creative Capital Foundation (1999-Present)

Edward, Mark - Mesearch and the Performing Body, ebook

Mesearch and the Performing Body

Edward, Mark


Table of contents
1. From Stage to Page: Introducing Me
Mark Edward
2. Declining Dancers
Mark Edward
3. Mature Movers
Mark Edward
4. Me/thodologies
Mark Edward
5. Falling Apart at the Seams
Mark Edward
6. Council…

Marshall, Jonathan W. - Performing Neurology, ebook

Performing Neurology

Marshall, Jonathan W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jonathan W. Marshall
2. Charcot, Spectacle, and the Mise en Scène of the Salpêtrière
Jonathan W. Marshall
3. Building the Stage and Materializing the Archetype
Jonathan W. Marshall
4. The…

Hernando-Real, Noelia - Performing Gender Violence, ebook

Performing Gender Violence

Hernando-Real, Noelia


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Noelia Hernando-Real, Barbara Ozieblo
2. Violence against Women: Forms and Responses
Marta Fernández-Morales, Inmaculada Pineda-Hernández, Miriam López-Rodríguez, Barbara Ozieblo
3. American Women…

Chambers, Claire Maria - Performing Religion in Public, ebook

Performing Religion in Public

Chambers, Claire Maria


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Public Problem of Religious Doings
1. Introduction: The Public Problem of Religious Doings
Claire Maria Chambers, Simon W. Toit, Joshua Edelman
Part I. Publics and the Non-Democratic State
2. The Market for Argument
Simon W. Toit
3. Public Acts of Private Devotion: