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Osterhage, Wolfgang W. - Performance-Optimierung, ebook


Osterhage, Wolfgang W.


Table of contents
1. Einführung
Wolfgang W. Osterhage
2. Performance-Theorie
Wolfgang W. Osterhage
3. Performance-Messung
Wolfgang W. Osterhage
4. Analyse
Wolfgang W. Osterhage
5. Optimierung
Wolfgang W. Osterhage
6. Network Performance
Wolfgang W. Osterhage
7. Prozess-Performance

Ushakov, Igor A. - Probabilistic Reliability Models, ebook

Probabilistic Reliability Models

Ushakov, Igor A.


Practical Approaches to Reliability Theory in Cutting-Edge Applications
Probabilistic Reliability Models helps readers understand and properly use statistical methods
and optimal resource allocation to solve engineering problems.
The author

Tamura, Yoshinobu - OSS Reliability Measurement and Assessment, ebook

OSS Reliability Measurement and Assessment

Tamura, Yoshinobu


Table of contents
1. Software Reliability
Shigeru Yamada, Yoshinobu Tamura
2. NHPP Model and AHP for OSS Reliability Analysis
Shigeru Yamada, Yoshinobu Tamura
3. NHPP Model and ANP for OSS Reliability Analysis
Shigeru Yamada, Yoshinobu Tamura
4. Stochastic Differential Equation Models for OSS Reliability

Nüßer, Wilhelm - Performance gaps of machines, ebook

Performance gaps of machines

Nüßer, Wilhelm


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Wilhelm Nüßer, Thilo Steckel
2. Concepts and Definitions
Wilhelm Nüßer, Thilo Steckel
3. Derivation and validation of the gap formula
Wilhelm Nüßer, Thilo Steckel
4. Applications

Raheja, Dev G. - Design for Reliability, ebook

Design for Reliability

Raheja, Dev G.


A unique, design-based approach to reliability engineering
Design for Reliability provides engineers and managers with a range of tools and techniques for incorporating reliability into the design process for complex systems. It clearly explains