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Mills, Terence C. - The Foundations of Modern Time Series Analysis, ebook

The Foundations of Modern Time Series Analysis

Mills, Terence C.


Detrending and the Variate Differencing Method: Student, Pearson and Their Critics
Terence C. Mills
5. Nonsense Correlations, Random Shocks and Induced Cycles: Yule, Slutzky and Working
Terence C. Mills
6. Periodicities in Sunspots and Air Pressure:

Nakamura, Tsuko - The Emergence of Astrophysics in Asia, ebook

The Emergence of Astrophysics in Asia

Nakamura, Tsuko


The Development of Astronomy and the Foundations of Astrophysics in Australia
Wayne Orchiston, Barry A. J. Clark, David Frew, Jenny Andropoulos
18. The Beginnings of Australian Radio Astronomy
Woodruff T. Sullivan
19. The Early Development of Australian

Cartwright, William - Location Based Services and TeleCartography, ebook

Location Based Services and TeleCartography

Cartwright, William


A Logic-Based Foundation for Spatial Relationships in Mobile GIS Environment
Mohammad Reza Malek, Andrew U. Frank, Mahmoud Reza Delavar
16. From Turn-By-Turn Directions to Overview Information on the Way to Take
Kai-Florian Richter
17. Geocoding Japanese