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Peace, Nigel - Lighting the Path, ebook

Lighting the Path

Peace, Nigel


The I Ching is a source of practical and spiritual guidance for everyone. This companion book offers clear and down-to-earth advice in everyday language , with many true examples, on how to consult the oracle and understand its responses.

Peace, Nigel - Spirit Revelations, ebook

Spirit Revelations

Peace, Nigel


This is an account of incredible yet documented precognitive dreams and synchronicities. They show that our minds are far more powerful than we thought and that we can access true and detailed information without using our normal senses and even of the…

Adolf, Antony - Peace: A World History, ebook

Peace: A World History

Adolf, Antony

From 33,50€

How peace has been made and maintained, experienced and imagined is not only a matter of historical interest, but also of pressing concern. Peace: A World History is the first study to explore the full spectrum of peace

Myllyviita, Katja - Peace!: Selviytymisopas nuorten vanhemmille, ebook

Peace!: Selviytymisopas nuorten vanhemmille

Myllyviita, Katja


Peace! - Selviytymisopas nuorten vanhemmille auttaa sinua tunnistamaan omia ja vastapuolen tarpeita sekä ilmaisemaan niitä ymmärrettävällä tavalla. Kirjan harjoitusten avulla voit opetella erilaisia keinoja rauhoittaa itseäsi silloin, kun tunteet ovat niin voimakkaita, että ne estävät

Fixdal, Mona - Just Peace, ebook

Just Peace

Fixdal, Mona


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mona Fixdal
2. Some Theoretical Considerations
Mona Fixdal
3. Outcomes of Secessionist Wars
Mona Fixdal
4. Outcomes of Territorial Wars
Mona Fixdal
5. Outcomes of Wars over Government

Brewer, John D. - Peace Processes: A Sociological Approach, ebook

Peace Processes: A Sociological Approach

Brewer, John D.


Peace processes are mostly very fragile. This engagingly written book takes a bold new approach to the topic by beginning from the premise that sociology can identify those factors that help to stabilize them.
The book draws a distinction between the political and social dimensions of

Diehl, Paul F. - Peace Operations, ebook

Peace Operations

Diehl, Paul F.


Peacekeeping has gradually evolved to encompass a broad range of different conflict management missions and techniques, which are incorporated under the term "peace operations." Well over 100 missions have been deployed, the vast majority within the last twenty years. This book provides

Dower, Nigel - The Ethics of War and Peace, ebook

The Ethics of War and Peace

Dower, Nigel


This book presents a clear and comprehensive introduction to the diverse and wide-ranging ethical aspects of war and peace. In a fair-minded and engaging analysis, Nigel Dower introduces the different ethical theories in traditional and contemporary debates – realism, just war theory