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Balzano, Wanda - Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture, ebook

Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture

Balzano, Wanda


St Patrick’s Day Expulsions: Race and Homophobia in New York’s Parade
Katherine O’Donnell
11. Fantasy, Celebrity and ‘Family Values’ in High-End and Special Event Tourism in Ireland
Diane Negra
12. A Mirror up to Irishness: Hollywood Hard

Loisel, Patrick - Handbook of Work Disability, ebook

Handbook of Work Disability

Loisel, Patrick


Sullivan, Marc O. Martel, Zina Trost
9. Methodological Issues in Work Disability Prevention Research
Sheilah Hogg-Johnson, Ellen MacEachen
Part III. Work Disability Determinants and Diagnosis
10. Individual-Level Psychosocial Factors and Work Disability

Carroll, Stephen J. - The Persuasive Leader: Lessons from the Arts, ebook

The Persuasive Leader: Lessons from the Arts

Carroll, Stephen J.


Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Huey Long, Napoleon, Ghandi, Sam Walton, Archbishop Sean O'Malley, Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Roosevelt, Jim Sinegal, Dolly Madison, James Jones, Clarence Darrow, William Harvey, Ronald Reagan, Fletcher Christian, Thomas Jefferson, Nelson Mandela, Charles McCormick, George

Langdon, Patrick - Designing Inclusive Systems, ebook

Designing Inclusive Systems

Langdon, Patrick


Sullivan, J. Wells, C. Willis, K. Wingo-Jones, T. Yatto
20. Clustering User Data for User Modelling in the GUIDE Multi-Modal Set-Top Box
P. M. Langdon, P. Biswas
21. Inclusive Built Heritage as a Matter of Concern: A Field Experiment
A. Heylighen

Amoroso, Mariano M. - Dendroecology, ebook


Amoroso, Mariano M.


Amoroso, Patrick J. Baker, Lori D. Daniels, J. Julio Camarero
2. Ecophysiology and Plasticity of Wood and Phloem Formation
Annie Deslauriers, Patrick Fonti, Sergio Rossi, Cyrille B. K. Rathgeber, Jozica Gričar
3. Dendroecological

Feuerstein, Michael - Work and Cancer Survivors, ebook

Work and Cancer Survivors

Feuerstein, Michael


Sullivan, Maureen Simmonds, David Butler, Shirin Shalliwani, Mahnaz Hamidzadeh
12. Workplace Accommodations
Fong Chan, Elizabeth Silva, Jana Copeland, Robin Jones, Robert T. Fraser
13. Individuals with Cancer in the Workforce and Their Federal Rights