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Cheng, Liang - Bladder Pathology, ebook

Bladder Pathology

Cheng, Liang


In Bladder Pathology, a full spectrum of pathologic conditions that afflict the bladder and urothelium are described and lavishly illustrated. With its emphasis on diagnostic criteria and differential diagnoses, this book is of particular value to practicing pathologists—assisting

Balis, Ulysses J. - Lung Pathology, ebook

Lung Pathology

Balis, Ulysses J.


Table of contents
I. Non-Neoplastic Lung Disease
1. Airway Disease
2. Alveolar Disease
3. Interstitial Lung Disease
4. Histological Patterns Consistent With Pulmonary Infectious Disease
5. Granulomatosis
6. Pulmonary Vascular Disease

Cummings, Thomas J - Ophthalmic Pathology, ebook

Ophthalmic Pathology

Cummings, Thomas J


Table of contents
1. Overview
Thomas J. Cummings
2. Cornea
Thomas J. Cummings
3. Conjunctiva
Thomas J. Cummings
4. Eyelids
Thomas J. Cummings
5. Uveal Tract
Thomas J. Cummings
6. Retina
Thomas J. Cummings

Berry, Gerald J. - Pathology of Transplantation, ebook

Pathology of Transplantation

Berry, Gerald J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
René P. Michel, Gerald J. Berry
2. Immunobiology of Transplantation
I. Esme Dijke
3. Immunosuppressive Drugs in Solid Organ Transplantation
Gerald J. Berry, Randall E. Morris
4. Heart Transplantation

Shousha, Sami - Breast Pathology, ebook

Breast Pathology

Shousha, Sami


Table of contents
1. Dealing with the Gross Specimen
Sami Shousha
2. Handling Neoadjuvant Therapy Specimens
Elena Provenzano
3. Proliferative Breast Lesions
Sarah E. Pinder
4. Problematic Core Biopsies
Sarah E. Pinder

Herrington, C. Simon - Pathology of the Cervix, ebook

Pathology of the Cervix

Herrington, C. Simon


Table of contents
1. Development of the Uterine Cervix and Its Implications for the Pathogenesis of Cervical Cancer
Anton H. N. Hopman, Frans C. S. Ramaekers
2. Human Papillomaviruses (HPVs)
Kate Cuschieri, Ramya Bhatia
3. Cervical…

Khurana, Jasvir S. - Bone Pathology, ebook

Bone Pathology

Khurana, Jasvir S.


The Surgical Pathology of Bone Infections
Jasvir S. Khurana
13. Arthropathies
William R. Reinus, Mary F. Barbe, Steven Berney, Jasvir S. Khurana
14. The Surgical Pathology of Prosthetic Materials
Jasvir S.

Lloyd, Ricardo V. - Endocrine Pathology:, ebook

Endocrine Pathology:

Lloyd, Ricardo V.


Table of contents
1. Methods in Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Paul Komminoth, Axel Walch, Martin Werner, Aurel A. Perren
2. Hypothalamus and Neurohypophysis
Kazuhiro Takahashi, Osamu Murakami, Toraichi Mouri
3. Tumors in the Adenohypophysis
Fateme Salehi, Sergio Vidal, Eva Horvath, Kalman Kovacs, Bernd

Owens, Scott R. - Atlas of Esophagus and Stomach Pathology, ebook

Atlas of Esophagus and Stomach Pathology

Owens, Scott R.


Table of contents
Part I. Esophagus
1. Normal Histologic Anatomy and Common Variations
Scott R. Owens, Henry D. Appelman
2. General Microscopic Changes
Scott R. Owens, Henry D. Appelman
3. Noninfectious Inflammatory Conditions

Lee, William R. - Ophthalmic Pathology: An Illustrated Guide for Clinicians, ebook

Ophthalmic Pathology: An Illustrated Guide for Clinicians

Lee, William R.

From 256,10€

Highly Commended at the Society of Authors and Royal Society of Medicine Medical Book Awards 2006
This outstanding atlas of ophthalmic pathology brings together the world famous collection of digital images from the Tennant Eye Institute in Glasgow.
Weng Sehu and William Lee have