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Schmid, Karl - Laser Wakefield Electron Acceleration, ebook

Laser Wakefield Electron Acceleration

Schmid, Karl


Electron Acceleration by Few-Cycle Laser Pulses: Theory and Simulation
Karl Schmid
6. Experimental SetUp
Karl Schmid
7. Experimental Results on Electron Acceleration
Karl Schmid
8. Next Steps for Optimizing the Accelerator
Karl Schmid

Takayama, Ken - Induction Accelerators, ebook

Induction Accelerators

Takayama, Ken


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ken Takayama, Richard J. Briggs*
2. Historical Perspectives
Richard J. Briggs*, Glen Westenskow*
3. Principles of Induction Accelerators
Richard J. Briggs*
4. Modulators
Edward G. Cook,…