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Cook, Roy T. - Paradoxes, ebook


Cook, Roy T.

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Paradoxes are arguments that lead from apparently true premises, via apparently uncontroversial reasoning, to a false or even contradictory conclusion. Paradoxes threaten our basic understanding of central concepts such as space, time, motion, infinity,

Smilansky, Saul - 10 Moral Paradoxes, ebook

10 Moral Paradoxes

Smilansky, Saul


Presenting ten diverse and original moral paradoxes, the book challenges some of our deepest moral views. This innovative volume also asks whether the existence of moral paradox is damaging or beneficial, and explores more generally what paradoxicality can teach us

Gold, Leah Gruenpeter - Paradoxes of Conflicts, ebook

Paradoxes of Conflicts

Gold, Leah Gruenpeter


Table of contents
1. Religious and Cultural Tensions and their Overcoming in Contemporary World
Adriano Fabris
2. Paradoxes of Political Conflicts. Case Study: The Eclipse of the Belgium First Prime Minister (Belgium 1830)
Varda Furman Koren
3. Leibniz, Bayle and the Controversy on Sudden Change

Milliot, Eric - The Paradoxes of Globalisation, ebook

The Paradoxes of Globalisation

Milliot, Eric


Medical Tourism: Paradoxes of Globalisation and Ethical Issues
Loïck Menvielle
11. The Impact of Sustainability on Global Logistics Strategies: Contradictory Issues
Corinne Blanquart, Valentina Carbone
Part III. Accounting and Finance
12. Paradoxes

Sage, Rosemary - Paradoxes in Education, ebook

Paradoxes in Education

Sage, Rosemary


Table of contents
Section 1. The Educational Context
1. The Educational Context
Rosemary Sage
2. Teacher Training Issues
Rosemary Sage
3. Theories Informing Teaching of Success Abilities
Rosemary Sage, Kim Orton
4. Motivated Attention in the Multicultural Classroom
Luke Sage
5. Coping with

Eckhardt, William - Paradoxes in Probability Theory, ebook

Paradoxes in Probability Theory

Eckhardt, William


Table of contents
1. Seven Paradoxes
William Eckhardt
William Eckhardt
3. The Betting Crowd
William Eckhardt
4. The Simulation Argument
William Eckhardt
5. Newcomb’s Problem
William Eckhardt

Sherman, Alfred - Paradoxes of Power, ebook

Paradoxes of Power

Sherman, Alfred


Thumb through the index of almost any study of the Thatcher years — biographical, scholarly or journalistic — and you will come across the name of Sir Alfred Sherman. In her memoirs Lady Thatcher herself pays tribute to Sherman’s ‘brilliance’,…

Yershin, Shakhbaz A. - Paradoxes in Aerohydrodynamics, ebook

Paradoxes in Aerohydrodynamics

Yershin, Shakhbaz A.


Table of contents
Part I. Channel Flows
1. Viscous and Viscoelastic Flow in Annular Channels
Shakhbaz A. Yershin
2. Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer at Mechanical Energy Dissipation
Shakhbaz A. Yershin
3. Circular Pipe Flow Crisis…