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McMenamin, Mark A.S. - Dynamic Paleontology, ebook

Dynamic Paleontology

McMenamin, Mark A.S.


Table of contents
1. Scleritome
Mark A. S. McMenamin
2. Christmas Tree Stromatolite
Mark A. S. McMenamin
3. Archaeocyath Mixotrophy
Mark A. S. McMenamin
4. Environmental Convergence
Mark A. S. McMenamin
5. Mat Farmers

Elewa, Ashraf M.T. - Computational Paleontology, ebook

Computational Paleontology

Elewa, Ashraf M.T.


Digitizing Methods for Paleontology: Applications, Benefits and Limitations
Heinrich Mallison
3. Paleoinformatics: Past, Present and Future Perspectives
Jane K. Dolven, Hans Skjerpen
4. Calculating the Tempo of Morphological Evolution: Rates of Discrete

Louys, Julien - Paleontology in Ecology and Conservation, ebook

Paleontology in Ecology and Conservation

Louys, Julien


Building Links Between Ecology and Paleontology Using Taphonomic Studies of Recent Vertebrate Communities
Anna K. Behrensmeyer, Joshua H. Miller
6. Paleoecology in an Era of Climate Change: How the Past Can Provide Insights into the Future
Melissa I. Pardi,

Hovers, Erella - Human Paleontology and Prehistory, ebook

Human Paleontology and Prehistory

Hovers, Erella


Table of contents
1. Why Was Human Evolution So Rapid?
Ian Tattersall
2. Wallace’s Controversy with Darwin on Man’s Mental Evolution, on the Position of the Natives in Human Evolution, and His Anticipation of Cultural Evolution, as Distinct…

Cevallos-Ferriz, Sergio R. S. - Studies on Mexican Paleontology, ebook

Studies on Mexican Paleontology

Cevallos-Ferriz, Sergio R. S.


Table of contents
1. Geological setting and phytodiversity in Mexico
Sergio R. S. Cevallos-Ferriz, Enrique A. Gonzàlez-Torres
2. Tertiary Palynofloristic correlations between Mexican Formations with emphasis in dating the Balsas Group