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Seegmiller, Don - Advanced Painter Techniques, ebook

Advanced Painter Techniques

Seegmiller, Don


If you are interested in developing techniques for using Corel’s Painter, Advanced Painter Techniques is full of the author’s compelling digital paintings with instructions on how you too can create similar effects. You will gain an understanding of the method, reasons, techniques

Charles, Victoria - Ivan Aivazovsky and the Russian Painters of Water, ebook

Ivan Aivazovsky and the Russian Painters of Water

Charles, Victoria


The seascapes of Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900) made his name in Russia, his native country where he was a painter of the court of Nicholas I, yet his fame barely extended beyond these borders. Master of the Sublime, he made the ocean the principal subject of his work. Sometimes wild and raging,

Painter, Martin - Challenges to State Policy Capacity, ebook

Challenges to State Policy Capacity

Painter, Martin


Unpacking Policy Capacity: Issues and Themes
Martin Painter, Jon Pierre
2. Capacity Beyond the Boundary: New Regulatory State, Fragmentation and Relational Capacity
Kanishka Jayasuriya
3. Swings and Roundabouts? Multilevel Governance as a Source of

Lotz, Christian - Phenomenology And The Non-Human Animal, ebook

Phenomenology And The Non-Human Animal

Lotz, Christian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Corinne Painter, Christian Lotz
2. Attunement, Deprivation, and Drive
Gerard Kuperus
3. Being Beyond: Aristotle’s and Plessner’s Accounts of Animal Responsiveness
Marjolein Oele
4. How Not to be a Jellyfish
Ted Toadvine
5. How do Primates Think? Phenomenological

Featherstone, David - Spatial Politics: Essays For Doreen Massey, ebook

Spatial Politics: Essays For Doreen Massey

Featherstone, David


This critical engagement with Doreen Massey’s ground-breaking work in geographic theory and its relationship to politics features specially commissioned essays from former students and colleagues, as well as the artists, political figures and activists…

Painter, Martin - Tradition and Public Administration, ebook

Tradition and Public Administration

Painter, Martin


The Analysis of Administrative Traditions
Martin Painter, B. Guy Peters
Part II. Empirical Analysis of Administrative Traditions
2. Administrative Traditions in Comparative Perspective: Families, Groups and Hybrids
Martin Painter,