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Zautra, Alex J. - Emotions, Stress, and Health, ebook

Emotions, Stress, and Health

Zautra, Alex J.


Emotions in Two Dimensions 3. Stress and the Eyes of the Beholder 4. The Effects of Stress on the Experience of Emotions 5. Positive Emotions and Mental Health: Are We Chasing the Rainbow? 6. The Role of Positive Emotions

Ryff, Carol D. - Emotion, Social Relationships, and Health, ebook

Emotion, Social Relationships, and Health

Ryff, Carol D.


Elective Afinities and Uninvited Agonies: Mapping Emotions with Significant Others onto Health, Carol D. Ryff et al 6. How Do Others Get under Our Skin? Social Relationships and Health, Teresa Seeman Commentary Christine M. L. Kwan 7. Social Relationships and Susceptibility

Davidson, Richard J. - Handbook of Affective Sciences, ebook

Handbook of Affective Sciences

Davidson, Richard J.


Motivational Organization of Emotions: Autonomic Changes, Cortical Responses, and Reflex Modulation, Alfons O. Hamm, Harald T. Schupp, and Almut I. Weike 11. Autonomic Specificity and Emotion, Robert W. Levenson 12. Methodological Considerations in the Psychophysiological

Cummins, Peter - Working with Anger: A Constructivist Approach, ebook

Working with Anger: A Constructivist Approach

Cummins, Peter


Client anger is a perennial problem for a range of professionals working in clinical settings.
Working with Anger presents an alternative strategy to the most common approach, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), exploring instead how anger can…

Laird, James D. - Feelings : The Perception of Self, ebook

Feelings : The Perception of Self

Laird, James D.


1. The Problem of Feelings 2. Emotional Expressions 3. Postures, Gaze, and Action 4. Autonomic Arousal and Emotional Feeling 5. Theoretical Summary on Emotion 6. Non-Emotional Feelings: Confidence, Pride and Self-Esteem 7. Motivation and Hunger …