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Morgan, Matthew J. - The Impact of 9/11 on Psychology and Education, ebook

The Impact of 9/11 on Psychology and Education

Morgan, Matthew J.


Military Education: New Paradigms for a Post-9/11 World
James J. F. Forest
18. College Student Reactions to 9/11: Civilian, ROTC, and Military Academy Undergraduates
Morten G. Ender, David E. Rohall, Michael D. Matthews
19. “City of the world!”:

Szulevicz, Thomas - Educational Psychology Practice, ebook

Educational Psychology Practice

Szulevicz, Thomas


Introduction to Part I: Educational Psychology Practice as It Stands Today
1. What Is Educational Psychology Practice?
Thomas Szulevicz, Lene Tanggaard
2. Approaches and Methods Used in Educational Psychology Practice
Thomas Szulevicz, Lene Tanggaard

Jornet, Alfredo - Understanding Educational Psychology, ebook

Understanding Educational Psychology

Jornet, Alfredo


Table of contents
1. Vygotsky, Spinoza, and Cultural Psychology of Education
Wolff-Michael Roth, Alfredo Jornet
Part I. Foundations
2. Biology | Culture
Wolff-Michael Roth, Alfredo Jornet
3. Communicating | Thinking
Wolff-Michael Roth, Alfredo Jornet
4. Intrasubjectivity | Intersubjectivity

Buskist, William - Handbook of the Teaching of Psychology, ebook

Handbook of the Teaching of Psychology

Buskist, William


The Handbook of the Teaching of Psychology is a state-of-the-art volume that provides readers with comprehensive coverage and analysis of current trends and issues, basic mechanics, and important contextual variables related to effective teaching in psychology.
Uses concise and targeted

Matsumoto, David - The Handbook of Culture and Psychology, ebook

The Handbook of Culture and Psychology

Matsumoto, David


Culture and Psychology at a Crossroad: Historical Perspective and Theoretical Analysis, John Adamopolous and Walter J. Lonner 3. Individualism and Collectivism: Past, Present, and Future, Harry C. Triandis 4. Culture, Science, and Indigenous Psychologies:

Osterkamp, Ute - Psychology from the Standpoint of the Subject, ebook

Psychology from the Standpoint of the Subject

Osterkamp, Ute


Introduction: Klaus Holzkamp and the Development of Psychology from the Standpoint of the Subject
Ute Osterkamp, Ernst Schraube
Part I. Basic Concerns and Concepts of Subject Science Psycology
2. Basic Concepts of Critical Psychology
Ernst Schraube,

Gidley, Jennifer M. - Postformal Education, ebook

Postformal Education

Gidley, Jennifer M.


Evolving Education: Pre-formal and Formal
Jennifer M. Gidley
Part II. Postformal Psychology and Education: A Dialogue
5. Postformal in Psychology:

Peterson, Andrew - Compassion and Education, ebook

Compassion and Education

Peterson, Andrew


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Andrew Peterson
2. The Virtue of Compassion
Andrew Peterson
3. Emotions at the Heart of Compassion
Andrew Peterson
4. Compassionate Acts
Andrew Peterson
5. Compassion and the Self

Lebow, Jay L. - Family Psychology : The Art of the Science, ebook

Family Psychology : The Art of the Science

Lebow, Jay L.


Introduction: A scientific paradigm for family psychology, William M. Pinsof and Jay Lebow Section I. Marriage and Marital Intervention 2. A critical view of marital satisfaction, Robert L. Weiss 3. A science of couple therapy: For what should we seek empirical