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Gray, Wayne D. - Integrated Models of Cognitive Systems, ebook

Integrated Models of Cognitive Systems

Gray, Wayne D.


Composition and Control of Integrated Cognitive Systems, Wayne D. Gray 2. Cognitive Control in a Computational Model of the Predator Pilot, Kevin A. Gluck, Jerry T. Ball, and Michael A. Krusmark 3. Some History of Human Performance

Hulme, Charles - The Science of Reading: A Handbook, ebook

The Science of Reading: A Handbook

Hulme, Charles


The Science of Reading: A Handbook brings together state-of-the-art reviews of reading research from leading names in the field, to create a highly authoritative, multidisciplinary overview of contemporary knowledge about reading and related skills.

Foundation, Novartis - The Nature of Intelligence, ebook

The Nature of Intelligence

Foundation, Novartis


Evolutionary psychology and behavioural genetics are two successful and important fields in the study of human behaviour, but practitioners in these subjects have different conceptions of the nature of human intelligence. Evolutionary psychologists dispute the existence of general intelligence