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Parsons, Craig - How to Map Arguments in Political Science, ebook

How to Map Arguments in Political Science

Parsons, Craig


As essential and accessible introduction and critique of the main types of explantion in political science. Essential reading for students and scholars alike. - ;To venture into explanation of political action we

Leopold, David - Political Theory : Methods and Approaches, ebook

Political Theory : Methods and Approaches

Leopold, David


Lively introduction to the many interesting ways to do political theory in the 21st century. - ;Political theorists are too often silent on questions of method and approach. David Leopold and Marc Stears have assembled a distinguished group of contributors

, Coady, C. A. J. - Messy Morality : The Challenge of Politics, ebook

Messy Morality : The Challenge of Politics

, Coady, C. A. J.


He steers a course between realism, which rejects morality in politics, and moralism, which has a distorting influence on a realistic political morality; he seeks to rehabilitate the concept of ideals; and he discusses the contentious topics of 'dirty hands' and lying

Olbermann, Keith - The Worst Person In the World: And 202 Strong Contenders, ebook

The Worst Person In the World: And 202 Strong Contenders

Olbermann, Keith


From tongue-in-cheek observations to truly horrific accounts, Olbermann skewers both the mighty and the meek, the well-known and the anonymous for their misdeeds, including:
Ann Coulter, for, among other things, calling Muslims "ragheads" in a speech to the Conservative Political