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Kendall, Tim - Modern English War Poetry, ebook

Modern English War Poetry

Kendall, Tim


Modern English War Poetry ranges widely across the twentieth century, incorporating detailed discussions of some of the most important poets of the period. It emphasizes the influence of war and war poetry even on those poets usually considered in other

Faraone, Christopher A. - The Stanzaic Architecture of Early Greek Elegy, ebook

The Stanzaic Architecture of Early Greek Elegy

Faraone, Christopher A.


Faraone draws on analogies from Italian and English song and poetry of the Renaissance. All Greek is translated and all technical terms explained. - ;In this study of poetic form in early Greek elegy, Christopher A. Faraone argues against the prevailing assumption

Grene, Nicholas - Yeats's Poetic Codes, ebook

Yeats's Poetic Codes

Grene, Nicholas


- ;Nicholas Grene explores Yeats's poetic codes of practice, the key words and habits of speech that shape the reading experience of his poetry. Where previous studies have sought to decode his work, expounding its symbolic meanings by references to Yeats's occult

Wilson, Peter - The Greek Theatre and Festivals : Documentary Studies, ebook

The Greek Theatre and Festivals : Documentary Studies

Wilson, Peter


A collection of essays, by leading international scholars, on the history of the Greek theatre, and on the wider context of festival culture in which theatrical activity took place in the Greek world. The emphasis is on a fresh interpretation of the documentary…

Stewart, Alan - Shakespeare's Letters, ebook

Shakespeare's Letters

Stewart, Alan


Shakespeare's Letters shows how and why Shakespeare put letters on stage in virtually all of his plays. Showing the very different uses to which letters were put in Shakespeare's time, this book throws new light on some of his most familiar dramas. Includes…