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Boral, Sumanta - Ace the PMI-ACP® exam, ebook

Ace the PMI-ACP® exam

Boral, Sumanta


Table of contents
1. Domain I: Agile Principles and Mindset
Sumanta Boral
2. Domain I Continued: Agile Methodologies
Sumanta Boral
3. Domain II: Value-Driven Delivery
Sumanta Boral
4. Domain III: Stakeholder Engagement
Sumanta Boral
5. Domain IV: Team Performance
Sumanta Boral
6. Domain

Curlee, Wanda - Complexity Theory and Project Management, ebook

Complexity Theory and Project Management

Curlee, Wanda


The book will be written by two authors who are members of PMI, educators, and consultants. The book is intended to be a practical guide to the application of complexity theory to virtual projects. Specifically, the book will be broken down into five major sections. Section 1 will outline

Morris, Peter - The Wiley Guide to Project Control, ebook

The Wiley Guide to Project Control

Morris, Peter


Timely and accessible content on the traditional project management activities of control, risk, time and cost, and quality and value
The Wiley Guides to the Management of Projects address critical, need-to-know information that will help professionals…