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Pavia, Audrey - Trail Riding: A Complete Guide, ebook

Trail Riding: A Complete Guide

Pavia, Audrey


When you're riding the trails with your horse, you enjoy a refreshing feeling of freedom, the exhilaration of exploration, and an invigorating escape from the demands of the day. You're in control--as long as you can control the 1,000-pound creature you're

Davis, Karen L. - Deciphering Dressage, ebook

Deciphering Dressage

Davis, Karen L.


Dressage elevates riding from a sport to an art form. One of the fastest growing equestrian sports in America, it appeals to competitive riders as well as those who simply want to improve their mounts and their skills. Because the principles of dressage encompass

Bauer, Dana - The Classic Western Rider, ebook

The Classic Western Rider

Bauer, Dana


With a rugged yet romantic mystique, western riding is as American as the Old West, Roy Rogers, and John Wayne. Whether you're more at home on the range, exploring the trails, or competing in the show arena, The Classic Western Rider will help you hone your skills. From America's proud cowboy

Barrett, Janet - On the Fence: A Parent's Handbook of Horseback Riding, ebook

On the Fence: A Parent's Handbook of Horseback Riding

Barrett, Janet


It takes you step by step from the initial "get acquainted" period through decisions and purchases you need to make as your child progresses, covering:
* Sampling the sport, including package deals that give your child exposure without necessitating a commitment
* Choosing a stable, riding

Hourdebaigt, Jean-Pierre - Fitness Evaluation of the Horse, ebook

Fitness Evaluation of the Horse

Hourdebaigt, Jean-Pierre


This guide helps horse owners, riders, and trainers at all levels learn how to assess any horse's fitness, strengths, and weaknesses. If you're buying a horse, this will help you pre-assess prospects before getting the complete veterinary examination.…