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Tong, Vincent C. H. - Geoscience Research and Outreach, ebook

Geoscience Research and Outreach

Tong, Vincent C. H.


The Salish Sea Expedition: Science Outreach from the Gangplank
K. Westnedge, A. Dallimore
5. Problem-Based Learning in the Field Setting
Lung Sang Chan, Loretta M. W. Ho
Part III. Online Approaches
6. From Local to EXtreme Environments (FLEXE): Connecting

Blackford, Russell - Science Fiction and the Moral Imagination, ebook

Science Fiction and the Moral Imagination

Blackford, Russell


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Science and the Rise of Science Fiction
Russell Blackford
2. Science Fiction: A Short History of a Literary Genre
Russell Blackford
3. Morality, Science Fiction, and Enabling Form
Russell Blackford

Lewis, W. James - Mathematics Matters in Education, ebook

Mathematics Matters in Education

Lewis, W. James


“Mathematics Matters in Education” to Roger E. Howe and to All: An Introduction
Yeping Li, W. James Lewis, James J. Madden
2. About Roger E. Howe and His Contributions to Mathematics Education
Yeping Li, W. James Lewis
3. Cultural Knowledge for

Dewar, Jacqueline - Mathematics Education, ebook

Mathematics Education

Dewar, Jacqueline


Communication, Culture, and Work in Mathematics Education in Departments of Mathematical Sciences
Shandy Hauk, Allison F. Toney
3. Valuing and Supporting Work in Mathematics Education: An Administrative Perspective

Forstner, Christian - Physik, Militär und Frieden, ebook

Physik, Militär und Frieden

Forstner, Christian


Table of contents
Teil I. Einleitende Beiträge
1. Vorbemerkungen
Christian Forstner, Götz Neuneck
2. Der Erste Weltkrieg und seine Auswirkungen auf die deutschen Physiker
Stefan L. Wolff
Teil II. Militär
3. Der Röntgenblitz…