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Briquet, Jean-Louis - Organized Crime and States, ebook

Organized Crime and States

Briquet, Jean-Louis


Introduction: Violence, Crime, and Political Power
Jean-Louis Briquet, Gilles Favarel-Garrigues
2. The Pakistan Rangers: From Border Defense to Internal “Protection”
Laurent Gayer
3. “Gangs in Uniform” in Turkey: Politics at the Articulation

Bovenkerk, Frank - The Organized Crime Community, ebook

The Organized Crime Community

Bovenkerk, Frank


California Dreams and Gangster Schemes: The Standley Commission, the Guarantee Finance Company, and the Social System of Organized Crime in post-World War II Southern California
Jeffrey Scott McIllwain, Clinton Leisz

Ryder, Nic - White Collar Crime and Risk, ebook

White Collar Crime and Risk

Ryder, Nic


Financial Crime in the Twenty-First Century: The Rise of the Virtual Collar Criminal
Alan S Reid
Part 5. The Financial Crisis and White Collar Crime
10. Is ‘This Time’ Really ‘Different’?: Reflections on ‘Risk’ in Financial Impropriety and Criminal

Sergi, Anna - From Mafia to Organised Crime, ebook

From Mafia to Organised Crime

Sergi, Anna


Mafia and Organised Crime: The Spectrum and the Models
Anna Sergi
3. Case Study 1: Italy and the Structure Model
Anna Sergi
4. Case Study 2: United States of America and the Enterprise Model
Anna Sergi
5. Case Study 3: Australia and the Visibility

Banks, James - Gambling, Crime and Society, ebook

Gambling, Crime and Society

Banks, James


Bringing Crime to the City? Casinos, Betting Shops and Criminality
James Banks
3. Gambling, Problem Gambling, Crime and the Criminal Justice System
James Banks
4. Organised Crime,