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Goethals, George R. - Leadership and Discovery, ebook

Leadership and Discovery

Goethals, George R.


The Perils of Searching for Leadership and Discovery: The Case of Jamestown and John Smith
Patrick Griffin
Part II. Leading Discovery
4. Leadership in the History of Exploration
Felipe Fernández-Armesto
5. Leadership and Discovery: Lessons from

Acker-Hocevar, Michele - Quandaries of School Leadership, ebook

Quandaries of School Leadership

Acker-Hocevar, Michele


Developing a Leadership Platform: Using and Understanding the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders
Mariela A. Rodríguez
4. The Ambiguity in Clarifying Expectations
William Ruff
5. Ethics: Acting Ethically to Promote Each Student’s Academic

Gordon, Gus - Leadership through Trust, ebook

Leadership through Trust

Gordon, Gus


Table of contents
1. Basic Academic Theories of Leadership
Gus Gordon
2. Leadership as It Relates to Organizational Behavior and Performance
Gus Gordon
3. Applied Trust Leadership
Gus Gordon
4. Guiding Organizational Culture
Gus Gordon
5. Communication, Vision, and Mission
Gus Gordon

Werhane, Patricia - Leadership, Gender, and Organization, ebook

Leadership, Gender, and Organization

Werhane, Patricia


Not Your Mother’s Women’s Movement: Women and Leadership in the Twenty-First Century
Mary Hartman
3. Ways Women Lead
Judy B. Rosener
4. Women Leaders in a Globalized World
Patricia H. Werhane
5. Systemic Leadership:

March, James - On Leadership, ebook

On Leadership

March, James


Uses great works of literature to explore the problems of leadership, for example War and Peace, Othello, and Don Quixote.
Presents moral dilemmas related to leadership, for example the balance between private life and public

Gravett, Linda S. - Leadership in Balance, ebook

Leadership in Balance

Gravett, Linda S.


A New Model of Leadership for a Living Organization
John F. Kucia, Linda S. Gravett
3. It’s Time for a Different Leadership Paradigm
John F. Kucia, Linda S. Gravett
4. The Structure of the Ways of Leaders in Balance
John F. Kucia, Linda S. Gravett

Taylor, Steven S. - Leadership Craft, Leadership Art, ebook

Leadership Craft, Leadership Art

Taylor, Steven S.


Table of contents
1. Craft, Art, Creativity, and Leadership
Steven S. Taylor
Part I. Theory
2. Focus on the Process
Steven S. Taylor
3. Creative Mind-Set
Steven S. Taylor
4. Passion
Steven S. Taylor
5. Collaboration
Steven S. Taylor
6. Creative Domain
Steven S. Taylor