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Reiner, Robert - Law and Order: An Honest Citizen's Guide to Crime and Control, ebook

Law and Order: An Honest Citizen's Guide to Crime and Control

Reiner, Robert


Law and order has become a key issue throughout the world. Crime stories saturate the mass media and politicians shrilly compete with each other in a race to be the toughest on crime. Prisons are crammed to bursting point, and police powers and resources extended repeatedly. After decades

Volgy, Thomas J. - Mapping the New World Order, ebook

Mapping the New World Order

Volgy, Thomas J.


This groundbreaking study maps out and analyzes the development of a global intergovernmental (IGO) institutional architecture in the post World War II era. Systematically traces similarities and differences between the institutional architecture of…

Hall, John R. - International Orders, ebook

International Orders

Hall, John R.


This book examines the different ways in which order has been achieved in world affairs with a view to understanding current political dilemmas and opportunities.
International Ordersbegins by distinguishing between world order and international

Acharya, Amitav - The End of American World Order, ebook

The End of American World Order

Acharya, Amitav


Whether or not America itself declines or thrives under President Trump's leadership, the post-war liberal international order underpinned by US military, economic and ideological primacy and supported by global institutions serving its power and purpose, is coming

David, Herbert A. - Order Statistics, ebook

Order Statistics

David, Herbert A.


This volume provides an up-to-date coverage of the theory and applications of ordered random variables and their functions.
Furthermore, it develops the distribution theory of OS systematically.
Applications include procedures for the treatment of outliers and other data analysis

Graves, Andrew - Build To Order, ebook

Build To Order

Graves, Andrew


Build-to-Order: Impacts, Trends and Open Issues
Andreas Reichhart, Matthias Holweg
4. Current Issues at OEMs and Suppliers
Alexandra Güttner, Thomas Sommer-Dittrich
5. Outsourcing: Management and Practice Within the Automotive Industry
Jens K.

Heise, David R. - Expressive Order, ebook

Expressive Order

Heise, David R.


Table of contents
Part I.Affect Control Theory, Plainly Told
1. Introduction
2. Sentiments
3. Culture
4. Sub-Cultures
5. Defining Situations
6. Interpreting Actions
7. Building Actions
8. Emotions
9. Changing…