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Fragiskos, Fragiskos D. - Oral Surgery, ebook

Oral Surgery

Fragiskos, Fragiskos D.


Table of contents
1. Medical History
F. D. Fragiskos
2. Radiographic Examination in Oral Surgery
E. Stefanou
3. Principles of Surgery
F. D. Fragiskos
4. Equipment, Instruments, and Materials
F. D. Fragiskos
5. Simple Tooth Extraction
F. D. Fragiskos
6. Surgical Tooth Extraction

Budd, Siobhan C. - Sport and Oral Health, ebook

Sport and Oral Health

Budd, Siobhan C.


Oral Health and Sports-Related Risks
5. The Importance of Oral Health and Athletes
Siobhan C. Budd, Jean-Christophe Egea
6. Oral Health Risk Factor: Nutrition of Athletes
Siobhan C. Budd, Jean-Christophe Egea

Polverini, Peter J. - Personalized Oral Health Care, ebook

Personalized Oral Health Care

Polverini, Peter J.


Personalized Oral Medicine and the Contemporary Health Care Environment
Harold C. Slavkin
2. Genomic Approaches to Disease Diagnosis and Prevention
Alexandre R. Vieira
3. Health Information Technology (Health IT): The Future of Personal Medicine

Fribley, Andrew M. - Targeting Oral Cancer, ebook

Targeting Oral Cancer

Fribley, Andrew M.


Assessing the Changing Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Demographic in the United States
Andrew S. Holpuch, Susan R. Mallery
2. The Emerging Role of HPV in Head and Neck Cancer
Thomas E. Carey
3. Oral Cancer: Location, Staging, Surgical Management, and Outcomes

Arx, Thomas von - Clinical Oral Anatomy, ebook

Clinical Oral Anatomy

Arx, Thomas von


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Thomas von Arx, Scott Lozanoff
2. Oral Fissure and Lips
Thomas von Arx, Scott Lozanoff
3. Vestibule and Cheeks
Thomas von Arx, Scott Lozanoff
4. Parotid Glands
Thomas von Arx, Scott Lozanoff
5. Anterior Maxilla
Thomas von Arx, Scott Lozanoff
6. Infraorbital