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Nguyen-Kuok, Shi - Theory of Low-Temperature Plasma Physics, ebook

Theory of Low-Temperature Plasma Physics

Nguyen-Kuok, Shi


Table of contents
1. The Theoretical Basis of the Low-Temperature Plasma
Shi Nguyen-Kuok
2. Classical Theory of the Particle Scattering
Shi Nguyen-Kuok
3. Quantum Mechanical Theory of the Particle Scattering
Shi Nguyen-Kuok
4. Determination of the Composition, Thermodynamic Properties, and Transport

Capitelli, Mario - Fundamental Aspects of Plasma Chemical Physics, ebook

Fundamental Aspects of Plasma Chemical Physics

Capitelli, Mario


Self-Consistent Kinetics of Molecular Plasmas: The Nitrogen Case
Mario Capitelli, Roberto Celiberto, Gianpiero Colonna, Fabrizio Esposito, Claudine Gorse, Khaled Hassouni, Annarita Laricchiuta, Savino Longo
10. Negative Ion H− Kinetics for Fusion

Ariola, Marco - Magnetic Control of Tokamak Plasmas, ebook

Magnetic Control of Tokamak Plasmas

Ariola, Marco


The Plasma Boundary and Its Identification
Marco Ariola, Alfredo Pironti
4. Modelling of the Resistive Wall Modes
Marco Ariola, Alfredo Pironti
Part II. Plasma Control
5. Plasma Magnetic Control Problem
Marco Ariola, Alfredo Pironti
6. Plasma

Haas, Fernando - Quantum Plasmas, ebook

Quantum Plasmas

Haas, Fernando


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fernando Haas
2. The Wigner–Poisson System
Fernando Haas
3. The Quantum Two-Stream Instability
Fernando Haas
4. A Fluid Model for Quantum Plasmas
Fernando Haas
5. Quantum Ion-Acoustic…

Miyamoto, Kenro - Plasma Physics for Controlled Fusion, ebook

Plasma Physics for Controlled Fusion

Miyamoto, Kenro


Table of contents
1. Nature of Plasma
Kenro Miyamoto
2. Orbit of Charged Particles in Various Magnetic Configuration
Kenro Miyamoto
3. Magnetohydrodynamics
Kenro Miyamoto
4. Equilibrium
Kenro Miyamoto
5. Confinement of Plasma (Ideal Cases)
Kenro Miyamoto
6. Magnetohydrodynamic Instabilities

Balogh, André - Microphysics of Cosmic Plasmas, ebook

Microphysics of Cosmic Plasmas

Balogh, André


Microphysics of Cosmic Plasmas: Background, Motivation and Objectives
André Balogh, Andrei Bykov, Peter Cargill, Richard Dendy, Thierry Dudok de Wit, John Raymond
2. Microphysics in Astrophysical Plasmas
Steven J. Schwartz, Ellen G. Zweibel, Martin

Bonitz, Michael - Introduction to Complex Plasmas, ebook

Introduction to Complex Plasmas

Bonitz, Michael


Quantum Effects in Plasma Dielectric Response: Plasmons and Shielding in Normal Systems and Graphene
Norman J. M. Horing
6. Imaging Diagnostics in Dusty Plasmas
Dietmar Block, André Melzer
7. Structure and Dynamics of Finite Dust Clusters