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Iyer, Parameswar K. - Advanced Magnetic and Optical Materials, ebook

Advanced Magnetic and Optical Materials

Iyer, Parameswar K.


Advanced Magnetic and OpticalMaterials offers detailed up-to-date chapters on the functional optical and magnetic materials, engineering of quantum structures, high-tech magnets, characterization and new applications.  It brings together innovative methodologies and strategies adopted in

Korkin, Anatoli - Nanotechnology for Electronic Materials and Devices, ebook

Nanotechnology for Electronic Materials and Devices

Korkin, Anatoli


Novel Dielectric Materials for Future Transistor Generations
Gennadi Bersuker, Byoung H. Lee, Anatoli Korkin, Howard R. Huff
6. Scanning Force Microscopies for Imaging and Characterization of Nanostructured Materials
Bartosz Such, Franciszek Krok, Marek

Cai, Wenshan - Optical Metamaterials, ebook

Optical Metamaterials

Cai, Wenshan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
W. Cai, V. Shalaev
2. Optical Properties of Metal-Dielectric Composites
W. Cai, V. Shalaev
3. Experimental Techniques and Data Treatment
W. Cai, V. Shalaev
4. Electric Metamaterials
W. Cai, V. Shalaev
5. Magnetic Metamaterials
W. Cai, V. Shalaev