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Boucouvalas, Anthony - Optical Wireless Communications, ebook

Optical Wireless Communications

Boucouvalas, Anthony


An Overview of Optical Wireless Communications
Z. Ghassemlooy, M. Uysal, M. A. Khalighi, V. Ribeiro, F. Moll, S. Zvanovec, A. Belmonte
2. Optical Propagation in Unguided Media
Yahya Kemal Baykal
3. Effects of Adverse Weather on Free Space Optics

Teixeira, António - Optical Transmission, ebook

Optical Transmission

Teixeira, António


Simulations of High-Capacity Long-Haul Optical Transmission Systems
Francesco Matera, Rebecca Chandy, Valeria Carrozzo, Karin Ennser, Guido Maier, Achille Pattavina, Marina Settembre, Domenico Siracusa, Marcelo Zannin
4. Experiments on Long-Haul High-Capacity

Hemmati, Hamid - Deep Space Optical Communications, ebook

Deep Space Optical Communications

Hemmati, Hamid


A quarter century of research into deep space and near Earth optical communications

This book captures a quarter century of research and development in deep space optical communications from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Additionally,

Boscolo, Sonia - Shaping Light in Nonlinear Optical Fibers, ebook

Shaping Light in Nonlinear Optical Fibers

Boscolo, Sonia


It focuses on the latest research results on light wave manipulation using nonlinear optical fibers, with the aim of capturing some of the most innovative developments on this topic. The book’s scope covers both fundamentals and applications from both theoretical

Lecoy, Pierre - Fiber-Optic Communications, ebook

Fiber-Optic Communications

Lecoy, Pierre

From 132,00€

This book describes in a comprehensive manner the components and systems of fiber optic communications and networks. The first section explains the theory of multimode and single-mode fibers, then the technological features, including manufacturing, cabling, and connecting. The second section

Bouchet, Olivier - Wireless Optical Telecommunications, ebook

Wireless Optical Telecommunications

Bouchet, Olivier


Wireless optical communication refers to communication based on the unguided propagation of optical waves. The past 30 years have seen significant improvements in this technique – a wireless communication solution for the current millennium –

Jain, V.K. - Free Space Optical Communication, ebook

Free Space Optical Communication

Jain, V.K.


Overview of Wireless Optical Communication Systems
Hemani Kaushal, V. K. Jain, Subrat Kar
2. Free-Space Optical Channel Models
Hemani Kaushal, V. K. Jain, Subrat Kar
3. FSO System Modules and Design Issues
Hemani Kaushal, V. K. Jain, Subrat Kar