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Effingham, Nikk - An Introduction to Ontology, ebook

An Introduction to Ontology

Effingham, Nikk


In this engaging and wide-ranging new book, Nikk Effingham provides an introduction to contemporary ontology - the study of what exists - and its importance for philosophy today.

He covers the key topics in the field, from the ontology of

Kishore, Rajiv - Ontologies, ebook


Kishore, Rajiv


Use of Ontologies for Organizational Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Systems
Vasudeva Varma
3. Ontological Evaluation of Business Models: Comparing Traditional and Component-Based Paradigms in Information Systems Re-Engineering
Raul Valverde,

Hepp, Martin - Ontology Management, ebook

Ontology Management

Hepp, Martin


The Business View: Ontology Engineering Costs
Elena Simperl, York Sure
8. Ontology Management in e-Banking Applications
José-Manuel López-Cobo, Silvestre Losada, Laurent Cicurel, José Luis Bas, Sergio Bellido, Richard Benjamins

Dietz, Jan L. G. - Enterprise Ontology, ebook

Enterprise Ontology

Dietz, Jan L. G.


A World Ontology Specification Language
6. The Notion of System
7. The Notion of Model
8. Ontology and Enterprise Engineering
Part C:. The theory
9. The Operation Axiom
10. The Transaction Axiom
11. The Composition Axiom
12. The Distinction

Ehrig, Marc - Ontology Alignment, ebook

Ontology Alignment

Ehrig, Marc


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Overview
Part I.Foundations
2. Definitions
3. Scenarios
4. Related Work
Part II.Ontology Alignment Approach
5. Process
6. Advanced Methods
Part III.Implementation and Application

Jaskolla, Ludwig - Real Fourdimensionalism, ebook

Real Fourdimensionalism

Jaskolla, Ludwig


Table of contents
Part I. The Puzzle of Persistence
1. Persistence? From a Philosopher’s Point of View
Ludwig Jaskolla
2. Models of Persistence
Ludwig Jaskolla
3. Summary of the Work
Ludwig Jaskolla
Part II. The Challenges…

Staab, Steffen - Handbook on Ontologies, ebook

Handbook on Ontologies

Staab, Steffen


COMM: A Core Ontology for MultimediaAnnotation
Richard Arndt, Raphaël Troncy, Steffen Staab, Lynda Hardman
21. Using the PSL Ontology
Michael Grüninger
22. Ontologies for Formal Representation of Biological Systems
Nigam Shah, Mark Musen