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Chang, Alfred E. - Oncology, ebook


Chang, Alfred E.


Design and Analysis of Oncology Clinical Trials
James J. Dignam, Theodore G. Karrison, John Bryant
9. Ethics of Clinical Oncology Research
Manish Agrawal, Lindsay A. Hampson, Ezekiel J. Emanuel
10. Informatics Infrastructure for Evidence-Based Cancer

Dark, Graham G. - Oncology at a Glance, ebook

Oncology at a Glance

Dark, Graham G.


This brand new title in the market-leading at a Glance series brings together fundamental information on cancer biology and treatment to provide a holistic understanding of oncology. It explores both relevant scientific content and key human issues, including communication and palliative

Esmaeli, Bita - Ophthalmic Oncology, ebook

Ophthalmic Oncology

Esmaeli, Bita


Table of contents
1. Primary Orbital Cancers in Adults
Roman Shinder, Bita Esmaeli
2. Nonmalignant Tumors of the Orbit
Eric M. Hink, Vikram Durairaj
3. Pediatric Orbital Tumors
Jonathan J. Dutton, George K. Escaravage
4. Multidisciplinary…

Bower, Mark - Lecture Notes: Oncology, ebook

Lecture Notes: Oncology

Bower, Mark


Cancer is one of the most rapidly changing areas of medicine, affecting ever-increasing numbers of people, and this new edition of Lecture Notes: Oncology brings together all the information a medical student or graduate clinician needs in one accessible volume. It covers the scientific

Grassi, Luigi - Clinical Psycho-Oncology: An International Perspective, ebook

Clinical Psycho-Oncology: An International Perspective

Grassi, Luigi


This international primer on psycho-oncology spans settings of care as well as regional boundaries. Designed to be easy to read, with informaton clearly displayed in concise tables and boxes accompanied by clinical vignettes, the book provides clear, practical guidance on all aspects

Chan, Ka Wah - Pediatric Oncology, ebook

Pediatric Oncology

Chan, Ka Wah


Table of contents
1. Acute Leukemia
Michael E. Rytting, Mary S. Choroszy, Demetrios Petropoulos, Ka Wah Chan
2. Hodgkin Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Ka Wah Chan, Demetrios Petropoulos, Eric L. Chang, Michael E. Rytting
3. Brain…

Goerling, Ute - Psycho-Oncology, ebook


Goerling, Ute


Psycho-Oncology: A Patient’s View
Patricia Garcia-Prieto
5. The Oncological Patient in the Palliative Situation
Steffen Eychmueller, Diana Zwahlen, Monica Fliedner
6. Psychosocial Burden of Family Caregivers to Adults with Cancer