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Atcheson, Mairead - Floating Offshore Wind Energy, ebook

Floating Offshore Wind Energy

Atcheson, Mairead


Overview of Floating Offshore Wind Technologies
Andrew Henderson, Maurizio Collu, Marco Masciola
4. Modelling of Floating Offshore Wind Technologies
Denis Matha, Joao Cruz, Marco Masciola, Erin E. Bachynski, Mairéad

Li, Huajun - Offshore Platform Integration and Floatover Technology, ebook

Offshore Platform Integration and Floatover Technology

Li, Huajun


Table of contents
1. Offshore Platform Topsides and Substructure
Gengshen Liu, Huajun Li
2. Platform Integration and Stationing
Gengshen Liu, Huajun Li
3. Floatover Technology
Gengshen Liu, Huajun Li
4. HIDECK Floatover Technology
Gengshen Liu, Huajun Li

Albers, Peter - Motion Control in Offshore and Dredging, ebook

Motion Control in Offshore and Dredging

Albers, Peter


Table of contents
1. Hydraulic energy converters
Peter Albers
2. Hydraulic energy control, conductive part
Peter Albers
3. Conductive part, piping and fluids
Peter Albers
4. Fluid conditioners and hydraulic accumulators

Köller, Julia - Offshore Wind Energy, ebook

Offshore Wind Energy

Köller, Julia


Distribution of Harbour Seals in the German Bight in Relation to Offshore Wind Power Plants
Dieter Adelung, Mandy A M Kierspel, Nikolai Liebsch, Gabriele Müller, Rory P Wilson
8. Research on Marine Mammals Summary and Discussion of Research Results

Wilson, James F. - Dynamics of Offshore Structures, ebook

Dynamics of Offshore Structures

Wilson, James F.


Unique, cutting-edge material on structural dynamics and natural forces for offshore structures
Using the latest advances in theory and practice, Dynamics of Offshore Structures, Second Edition is extensively revised to cover all aspects of the physical forces, structural modeling,

Vinnem, Jan Erik - Offshore Risk Assessment, ebook

Offshore Risk Assessment

Vinnem, Jan Erik


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Risk Picture — Definitions and Characteristics
3. Risk Presentation and Risk Acceptance Criteria
4. Lessons from Major Accidents
5. Methodology for Quantified Risk Assessment
6. Analysis Techniques