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Wang, Wallace - Office 2016 For Dummies, ebook

Office 2016 For Dummies

Wang, Wallace


Office 2016 For Dummies (9781119293477) was previously published as Office 2016 For Dummies (9781119077374). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or

Marmel, Elaine - Office 2010 Just the Steps For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Office 2010 Just the Steps For Dummies®

Marmel, Elaine


Quickly and easily perform tasks in any Microsoft Office 2010 application!
As the world's leading suite of productivity software, Microsoft Office enables you to complete common business tasks, including word processing, e-mail, presentations,

Wang, Wallace - Office 2019 For Dummies, ebook

Office 2019 For Dummies

Wang, Wallace


Now updated and revised to cover the latest features of Microsoft Office 2019
The world’s leading suite of business productivity software, Microsoft Office helps users complete common business tasks, including word processing, email, presentations, data management

Campiolo, Márcia R. F. - Medical Office Management, ebook

Medical Office Management

Campiolo, Márcia R. F.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Márcia R. F. Campiolo
2. The World Today: Understanding How the Client Arrived to the Current Profile
Márcia R. F. Campiolo
3. The Doctor’s Office Clients
Márcia R. F. Campiolo
4. Ensuring Customer Loyalty: The Challenge of a Long-Lasting and Stable Relationship

Bardi, James Socrates - Hotel Front Office Management, ebook

Hotel Front Office Management

Bardi, James Socrates


The updated guide to running a successful hotel front office
Hotel Front Office Management uses a human resources approach to cover the unique management and operational challenges in the front offices

Akhavan-Hezavei, Maria - Handbuch Sekretariat und Office-Management, ebook

Handbuch Sekretariat und Office-Management

Akhavan-Hezavei, Maria


Table of contents
Teil I. Büroorganisation
1. Beschaffungsmanagement
Alexandra Kreuzpointner-Illg, Ralf Reißer
2. Informations- und Ablagemanagement
Martina Müll-Schnurr
3. Intranet Office-Handbuch
Irmtraud Schmitt
Teil II. Korrespondenz
4. Die neue Geschäftskorrespondenz – professionell,

Ortner, Gerhard - Das Projektmanagement-Office, ebook

Das Projektmanagement-Office

Ortner, Gerhard


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Gerhard Ortner, Betina Stur
2. Das Projektmanagement-Office (PMO)
Gerhard Ortner, Betina Stur
3. Einteilungsmöglichkeiten für PMO
Gerhard Ortner, Betina Stur
4. Richtige Positionierung des PMO
Gerhard Ortner, Betina Stur
5. Aufgaben und Verantwortlichkeiten