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Grainger, Keith - Wine Production and Quality, ebook

Wine Production and Quality

Grainger, Keith


Since the publication of Wine Production: Vine to Bottle (2005) and Wine Quality: Tasting and Selection (2009), there has been a great deal of change in the wine industry, and the perceptions of critics and expectations of consumers have shifted. Wine…

Mérillon, Jean Michel - Plant Defence: Biological Control, ebook

Plant Defence: Biological Control

Mérillon, Jean Michel


Stilbenes: Biomarkers of Grapevine Resistance to Disease of High Relevance for Agronomy, Oenology and Human Health
Katia Gindro, Virginia Alonso-Villaverde, Olivier Viret, Jean-Laurent Spring, Guillaume Marti, Jean-Luc Wolfender, Roger Pezet
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