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Sigsgaard, Torben - Occupational Asthma, ebook

Occupational Asthma

Sigsgaard, Torben


Epidemiology and risk factors of occupational respiratory asthma and occupational sensitization
Dick Heederik, Torben Sigsgaard
3. Epidemiology of laboratory animal allergy
Hayley L. Jeal, Meinir G. Jones, Paul Cullinan

Greenberg, Michael - Occupational Emergency Medicine, ebook

Occupational Emergency Medicine

Greenberg, Michael


With a large proportion of emergency admissions due to occupational health problems, the effect this can have on your practice cannot be ignored. Owing to the shortage of occupational physicians and limited worker access to health care, the diagnosis

Martin, Douglas W. - Independent Medical Evaluation, ebook

Independent Medical Evaluation

Martin, Douglas W.


Table of contents
1. What Is an Independent Medical Evaluator?
Douglas W. Martin
2. Medicolegal Systems and the IME Provider
Douglas W. Martin
3. So You Want to Do IMEs?: How to Develop This Service
Douglas W. Martin
4. Practical…

Johansen, Jeanne Duus - Contact Dermatitis, ebook

Contact Dermatitis

Johansen, Jeanne Duus


International Comparison of Legal Aspects of Workers’ Compensation for Occupational Contact Dermatitis
Peter J. Frosch, Werner Aberer, Tove Agner, Paul J. August, L. Conde-Salazar, Lieve Constandt, Patricia Engasser, Felipe Heras, Swen Malte John, Antti Lauerma,

Oury, Tim D. - Pathology of Asbestos-Associated Diseases, ebook

Pathology of Asbestos-Associated Diseases

Oury, Tim D.


Table of contents
1. The Mineralogy of Asbestos
Thomas A. Sporn
2. Occupational and Environmental Exposure to Asbestos
Dennis J. Darcey, Cynthia Feltner
3. Asbestos Bodies and Non-asbestos Ferruginous Bodies
Victor L. Roggli
4. Asbestosis
Thomas A. Sporn, Victor L. Roggli
5. Mesothelioma

Frosch, Peter J. - Contact Dermatitis, ebook

Contact Dermatitis

Frosch, Peter J.


Prevention and Therapy from Contact Dermatitis (with Special Reference to Occupational Dermatology)
Jean-Marie Lachapelle, W. Wigger-Alberti, Anders Boman, Gunh A. Mellström, Britta Wulfhorst, Meike Bock, Christoph Skudlik, Swen Malte John, Daniel Perrenoud,