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Seber, George A. F. - Multivariate Observations, ebook

Multivariate Observations

Seber, George A. F.


This up-to-date, comprehensive sourcebook treats data-oriented techniques as well as classical methods. Emphasis is on principles rather than mathematical detail, and coverage ranges from the practical problems of graphically representing high dimensional data to the theoretical problems

Argyle, R. W. - Observing and Measuring Visual Double Stars, ebook

Observing and Measuring Visual Double Stars

Argyle, R. W.


Simple Techniques of Measurement
E. T. H. Teague, R. W. Argyle
13. Filar Micrometer
Bob Argyle, R. W. Argyle
14. The Diffraction Grating Micrometer
Andreas Maurer, R. W. Argyle
15. CCD Camera Observations
Bob Buchheim, R. W. Argyle

Huebner, Walter F. - Opacity, ebook


Huebner, Walter F.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Walter F. Huebner, W. David Barfield
2. Definitions
Walter F. Huebner, W. David Barfield
3. Atomic and Molecular Structure
Walter F. Huebner, W. David Barfield
4. Equation of State (EOS)

Block, David L. - Galaxies and their Masks, ebook

Galaxies and their Masks

Block, David L.


Table of contents
1. Stars are Small Dark-Coloured Things That Live in Holes in the Ground
Pippa Skotnes
2. Shrouds of the Night – Galaxies and René Magritte
David L. Block, Kenneth C. Freeman, Ivâo Puerari
3. Twin Masks of Spiral…