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Wavey - The ODDs Beginnings, ebook

The ODDs Beginnings



The ODDs Beginnings is about how an old order of demon fighters and wizard trainers is wiped out in one night, and what the powers of good (the Powers of Light) choose to do in reaction to this. They choose a teenaged guy, David Murphy, as the Water Empowered and then Richard Stephens as

Brown, Eddie - Beating the Odds: Eddie Brown's Investing and Life Strategies, ebook

Beating the Odds: Eddie Brown's Investing and Life Strategies

Brown, Eddie


Beating the Odds is the improbable, inspiring autobiography of financial guru Eddie C. Brown, one of the nation's top stock pickers and money managers. It details how Brown skillfully kept Brown Capital Management afloat through the dot-com bust, 9/11 and the Great Recession. Born to a 13-year-old

Jones, Emily - Negotiating Against the Odds, ebook

Negotiating Against the Odds

Jones, Emily


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Emily Jones
2. Preparation and Diagnosis
Emily Jones
3. Moves Away from the Negotiating Table
Emily Jones
4. Moves at the Negotiating Table
Emily Jones
5. Putting the Right Foundations…

Wunderlich, Bernhard - A Science Career Against all Odds, ebook

A Science Career Against all Odds

Wunderlich, Bernhard


Table of contents
1. Early Childhood, 1931–1939
Bernhard Wunderlich
2. Years of War, 1939–1945
Bernhard Wunderlich
3. Final Years in Brandenburg, 1945–1949
Bernhard Wunderlich
4. Humboldt University in Berlin, 1949–1953

Hsiung, James C. - China and Japan at Odds, ebook

China and Japan at Odds

Hsiung, James C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Theory and the Long-Running Tussle
James C. Hsiung
2. Historical and Contemporary Roots of Sino-Japanese Conflicts
Yung-deh Richard Chu
3. It Takes Two to Tango: The Conflict as Japan Sees It

Goldstein, Jack - 10 Amazing Blackjack Tips, ebook

10 Amazing Blackjack Tips

Goldstein, Jack


In this short guide, author Jack Goldstein aims to help you increase your odds, and offers strategies covering everything from which particular game to choose, when to hit, stand, split and double - and an introduction to the dark side of truly legal and simple card-counting