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Perry, Lin - Stroke Nursing, ebook

Stroke Nursing

Perry, Lin


Stroke Nursing is the leading guide for optimal stroke care, facilitating the provision of evidence-based practice across the stroke journey, and covering the sixteen elements of care outlined in the UK's Stroke-Specific Education Framework (SSEF).
Drawing from years of clinical and

Bogaert, Peter Van - The Organizational Context of Nursing Practice, ebook

The Organizational Context of Nursing Practice

Bogaert, Peter Van


Concepts: Organization of Nursing Work and the Psychosocial Experience of Nurses
Peter Bogaert, Sean Clarke
3. Organizational Predictors and Determinants of Nurses’ Reported Outcomes: Evidence from a 10-Year Program of Research
Peter Bogaert, Sean Clarke

Schober, Madrean - Introduction to Advanced Nursing Practice, ebook

Introduction to Advanced Nursing Practice

Schober, Madrean


Table of contents
1. Overview of Advanced Nursing Practice
Madrean Schober
2. A Growing Presence
Madrean Schober
3. Nature of Practice
Madrean Schober
4. Education
Madrean Schober
5. Role and Practice Development
Madrean Schober
6. Professional Regulation
Madrean Schober

Mighten, Janice - Children's Respiratory Nursing, ebook

Children's Respiratory Nursing

Mighten, Janice


Children’s Respiratory Nursing is a comprehensive, patient-centered text providing up to date information about the contemporary management of children with respiratory conditions. It looks at acute and chronic respiratory conditions in both primary

May, Andrée le - Adult Nursing at a Glance, ebook

Adult Nursing at a Glance

May, Andrée le


at a Glance!
Adult Nursing at a Glance is the perfect companion for study and revision for Adult Nursing students from the publishers of the market-leading at a Glance series.
This title blends up-to-date evidence and essential

Perry, Lin - Acute Stroke Nursing, ebook

Acute Stroke Nursing

Perry, Lin

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With active and efficient nursing management in the initial hours after stroke onset and throughout subsequent care, effective recovery and rehabilitation is increased. Acute Stroke Nursing