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Wang, Dongming - Symbolic-Numeric Computation, ebook

Symbolic-Numeric Computation

Wang, Dongming


Pythagore’s Dilemma, Symbolic-Numeric Computation, and the Border Basis Method
Bernard Mourrain
15. Proposal for the Algorithmic Use of the BKK-Number in the Algebraic Reduction of a O-dimensional Polynomial System
Hans J. Stetter
16. Evaluation of

Trobec, Roman - Parallel Computing, ebook

Parallel Computing

Trobec, Roman


Overview – Parallel Computing: Numerics, Applications, and Trends
Marián Vajteršic, Peter Zinterhof, Roman Trobec
2. Introduction to Parallel Computation
Selim G. Akl, Marius Nagy
3. Tools for Parallel and Distributed Computing
Thomas Fahringer

Berry, Michael W. - High-Performance Scientific Computing, ebook

High-Performance Scientific Computing

Berry, Michael W.


Parallel Numerical Computing from Illiac IV to Exascale—The Contributions of Ahmed H. Sameh
Kyle A. Gallivan, Efstratios Gallopoulos, Ananth Grama, Bernard Philippe, Eric Polizzi, Yousef Saad, Faisal Saied, Danny Sorensen
2. Computational Capacity-Based Codesign

Bischof, Christian - Competence in High Performance Computing 2010, ebook

Competence in High Performance Computing 2010

Bischof, Christian


High-Performance Computing Techniques for Coupled Fluid, Structure and Acoustics Simulations
Dörte C. Sternel, Michael Kornhaas, Michael Schäfer
14. LIKWID: Lightweight Performance Tools
Jan Treibig, Georg Hager, Gerhard Wellein
15. Scalability Issues

Bader, Michael - Advanced Computing, ebook

Advanced Computing

Bader, Michael


A High-Performance Interactive Computing Framework for Engineering Applications
Jovana Knežević, Ralf-Peter Mundani, Ernst Rank
10. A Framework for the Interactive Handling of High-Dimensional Simulation Data in Complex Geometries
Amal Benzina, Gerrit

Krause, Egon - Computational Science and High Performance Computing IV, ebook

Computational Science and High Performance Computing IV

Krause, Egon


Table of contents
1. Adaptive Modelling of Two-Dimensional Shallow Water Flows with Wetting and Drying
Andreas Dedner, Dietmar Kröner, Nina Shokina
2. HPC Processor Technologies and Their Impact on Simulation
Michael M. Resch, Uwe Küster
3. A Parallel Implementation of FEM for a Boundary Value Problem for

Hackbusch, Wolfgang - Hierarchische Matrizen, ebook

Hierarchische Matrizen

Hackbusch, Wolfgang


Table of contents
2. Einleitung
Wolfgang Hackbusch
3. Rang-$k$-Matrizen
Wolfgang Hackbusch
4. Einführendes Beispiel
Wolfgang Hackbusch
5. Separable Entwicklung und ihr Bezug zu Niedrigrangmatrizen
Wolfgang Hackbusch

Simon, Axel - Value-Range Analysis of C Programs, ebook

Value-Range Analysis of C Programs

Simon, Axel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. A Semantics for C
Part I. Abstracting Soundly
3. Abstract State Space
4. Taming Casting and Wrapping
5. Overlapping Memory Accesses and Pointers
6. Abstract Semantics
Part II. Ensuring Efficiency
7. Planar Polyhedra
8. The TVPI Abstract Domain
9. The Integral