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Alladi, Krishnaswami - Surveys in Number Theory, ebook

Surveys in Number Theory

Alladi, Krishnaswami


Table of contents
2. A Survey of Multipartitions Congruences and Identities
George E. Andrews
3. Koshliakovs Formula and Guinands Formula in Ramanujans Lost Notebook
Bruce C. Berndt, Yoonbok Lee, Jaebum Sohn
4. Exploiting Symmetries Alternating Sign Matrices and the Weyl Character Formulas
David M. Bressoud

Chudnovsky, David - Additive Number Theory, ebook

Additive Number Theory

Chudnovsky, David


An Inverse Problem in Number Theory and Geometric Group Theory
Melvyn B. Nathanson
19. Cassels Bases
Melvyn B. Nathanson
20. Asymptotics of Weighted Lattice Point Counts Inside Dilating Polygons
Marina Nechayeva,

Borwein, Jonathan M. - Number Theory and Related Fields, ebook

Number Theory and Related Fields

Borwein, Jonathan M.


The Impact of Number Theory and Computer-Aided Mathematics on Solving the Hadamard Matrix Conjecture
Jennifer Seberry
17. Description of Generalized Continued Fractions by Finite Automata
Jeffrey Shallit
18. On