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Naterer, Greg F. - Hydrogen Production from Nuclear Energy, ebook

Hydrogen Production from Nuclear Energy

Naterer, Greg F.


Worldwide Nuclear Energy Research Programs
Greg F. Naterer, Ibrahim Dincer, Calin Zamfirescu
4. Water Electrolysis
Greg F. Naterer, Ibrahim Dincer, Calin Zamfirescu
5. Thermochemical Water-Splitting Cycles

Hsu, Thomas T. C. - Infrastructure Systems for Nuclear Energy, ebook

Infrastructure Systems for Nuclear Energy

Hsu, Thomas T. C.


Developing sufficient energy resources to replace coal, oil and gas is a globally critical necessity. Alternatives to fossil fuels such as wind, solar, or geothermal energies are desirable, but the usable quantities are limited and each has inherent

Yi-chong, Xu - The Politics of Nuclear Energy in China, ebook

The Politics of Nuclear Energy in China

Yi-chong, Xu


Expanding the Nuclear Energy Programme
Xu Yi-chong
4. Who Decides? The Politics of Nuclear Energy
Xu Yi-chong
5. Who Pays? The Economics of Nuclear Energy
Xu Yi-chong
6. Technology Adoption or Technology

Bodansky, David - Nuclear Energy, ebook

Nuclear Energy

Bodansky, David


Nuclear Bombs, Nuclear Energy, and Terrorism
18. Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
19. Costs of Electricity
20. The Prospects for Nuclear Energy

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Laraia, Michele - Nuclear Decommissioning, ebook

Nuclear Decommissioning

Laraia, Michele


Table of contents
1. Introduction: How a New Industry Comes About
Michele Laraia
2. Nuclear Decommissioning as “Combination” of Different Industries with One and Same Objective
Michele Laraia
3. The Historical Evolution of Decommissioning
Michele Laraia
4. The Beginnings: 1960s
Michele Laraia

Elliott, David - Nuclear or Not?, ebook

Nuclear or Not?

Elliott, David


A Concise History of the Nuclear Industry Worldwide
Jonathan Scurlock
4. Opposition to Nuclear Power: A Brief History
Horace Herring
Part II. Structuring the Debate
5. Building or Burning the Bridges to a Sustainable