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Nischik, Reingard M. - Comparative North American Studies, ebook

Comparative North American Studies

Nischik, Reingard M.


Comparative North American Studies and Its Contexts
Reingard M. Nischik
3. Modernism in the United States and Canada: The Example of Poetry and of the Short Story
Reingard M. Nischik
4. Border Studies, Borderlines,

Bourassa, Alan - Deleuze and American Literature, ebook

Deleuze and American Literature

Bourassa, Alan


Table of contents
1. Literature, Character, and the Human
Alan Bourassa
2. Wharton’s Aesthetics and the Ethics of Affect
Alan Bourassa
3. Invisible Man: Affect, History, Race
Alan Bourassa
4. Cormac McCarthy and the Event of the Human
Alan Bourassa
5. The Moral Singularity: Hardy’s Tess

Byars-Nichols, Keely - The Black Indian in American Literature, ebook

The Black Indian in American Literature

Byars-Nichols, Keely


Table of contents
1. Introduction Within Our Bosom and on Our Borders: Negotiating Shared Black and Native Histories
Keely Byars-Nichols
2. Assuming the Habit of the Country: John Marrant’s Narrative and Playing Indian
Keely Byars-Nichols

Castro, Juan E. - The Spaces of Latin American Literature, ebook

The Spaces of Latin American Literature

Castro, Juan E.


Reading, Publishing, and Writing Networks: The Hispanophone and Latin American Literary Spaces in the Twenty-First Century
Juan E. Castro
7. The Movies of My Life; or, a Bridge to North America
Juan E. Castro
8. Epilogue: Latin America Beyond Latin