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Hopkins, Bruce R. - Nonprofit Governance: Law, Practices, and Trends, ebook

Nonprofit Governance: Law, Practices, and Trends

Hopkins, Bruce R.


The fundamentals of law pertaining to the boards of directors of tax-exempt organizations are largely the subject of state nonprofit corporation acts. Nonprofit Organizations Governance provides in-depth coverage and explanation of the law, practices,

Hopkins, Bruce R. - Hopkins' Nonprofit Law Dictionary, ebook

Hopkins' Nonprofit Law Dictionary

Hopkins, Bruce R.


A focused, invaluable guide to nonprofit legal terminology and definitions
The Bruce R. Hopkins Nonprofit Law Dictionary is a thorough professional reference for the terminology and definitions surrounding the law of tax-exempt organizations. Author

O'Neill, Michael - Nonprofit Nation: A New Look at the Third America, ebook

Nonprofit Nation: A New Look at the Third America

O'Neill, Michael


In Nonprofit Nation, the new edition of his classic work, O'Neill takes a fresh look at the nonprofit sector and the power it has to use its growing visibility and strength. Like the first edition, this new book is an up-to-date, comprehensive guide