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Nayfeh, Ali Hasan - Nonlinear Oscillations, ebook

Nonlinear Oscillations

Nayfeh, Ali Hasan


Nonlinear Oscillations is a self-contained and thorough treatment of the vigorous research that has occurred in nonlinear mechanics since 1970. The book begins with fundamental concepts and techniques of analysis and progresses through recent developments

Plenz, Dietmar - Criticality in Neural Systems, ebook

Criticality in Neural Systems

Plenz, Dietmar


Leading authorities in the field review current knowledge of critical behavior in brain function, both experimental and theoretical. The book begins by summarizing experimental evidence for self-organized criticality in the brain. Subsequently, recent…

Leoncini, Xavier - From Hamiltonian Chaos to Complex Systems, ebook

From Hamiltonian Chaos to Complex Systems

Leoncini, Xavier


On the Nonlinear Electron Vibrations in a Plasma
Didier Bénisti
4. How to Face the Complexity of Plasmas?
Dominique F. Escande
5. First Principle Transport Modeling in Fusion Plasmas: Critical Issues for ITER
Yanick Sarazin
Part III. From Kinetics

Afraimovich, Valentin - Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity, ebook

Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity

Afraimovich, Valentin


From Long-Range Order to Complex Networks, an Hamiltonian Dynamics Perspective
Sarah Nigris, Xavier Leoncini
2. Lyapunov Exponent Sign Reversal: Stability and Instability by the First Approximation
G. A. Leonov, N. V. Kuznetsov
3. Fractional Maps as

Afraimovich, Valentin - Complex Motions and Chaos in Nonlinear Systems, ebook

Complex Motions and Chaos in Nonlinear Systems

Afraimovich, Valentin


Finite-Element Analysis of Nonlinear Fluid–Membrane Interactions Using a Modified Characteristic-Based Split (CBS) Scheme
Xu Sun, Jiazhong Zhang
4. Lock-In Behaviors of an Airfoil with Local Excitation in Low-Reynolds-Number Flow
Wei Kang, Xiangyan Dai

Schuster, Heinz Georg - Reviews of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity, ebook

Reviews of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity

Schuster, Heinz Georg


This third volume contains new topics ranging from chaotic computing, via random dice tossing and stochastic limit-cycle oscillators, to a number theoretic example of self-organized criticality, wave localization in complex networks and anomalous diffusion.

Nayfeh, Ali H. - The Method of Normal Forms, ebook

The Method of Normal Forms

Nayfeh, Ali H.


Based on a successful text, this second edition presents different concepts from dynamical systems theory and nonlinear dynamics. The introductory text systematically introduces models and techniques and states the relevant ranges of validity and applicability.
New to this edition:3 new

Schöll, Eckehard - Handbook of Chaos Control, ebook

Handbook of Chaos Control

Schöll, Eckehard


This long-awaited revised second edition of the standard reference on the subject has been considerably expanded to include such recent developments as novel control schemes, control of chaotic space-time patterns, control of noisy nonlinear systems,