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Zhang, Qianfan - Human Dignity in Classical Chinese Philosophy, ebook

Human Dignity in Classical Chinese Philosophy

Zhang, Qianfan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Qianfan Zhang
2. Human Dignity: A Reconstruction of Confucianism
Qianfan Zhang
3. Humanity or Benevolence? The Interpretation of Confucian Ren and Its Modern Implications
Qianfan Zhang
4. Propriety,…

Yao, Xinzhong - Reconceptualizing Confucian Philosophy in the 21st Century, ebook

Reconceptualizing Confucian Philosophy in the 21st Century

Yao, Xinzhong


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Xinzhong Yao
Part I. Revisiting Confucian Doctrines
2. Virtue Ethics in the Philosophy of Mencius
Lai Chen
3. Reproduction, Familiarity, Love, and Humaneness: How Did Confucius Reveal “Humaneness”?
Hongxing Chen
4. Xunzi’s Virtue Ethics of Rationality and

Brown, Nahum - Transcendence, Immanence, and Intercultural Philosophy, ebook

Transcendence, Immanence, and Intercultural Philosophy

Brown, Nahum


Table of contents
Part I. The Debate: Methodological Position Statements
1. Getting Past Transcendence: Determinacy, Indeterminacy, and Emergence in Chinese Natural Cosmology
Roger T. Ames
2. Classical Chinese Thought and the Sense of Transcendence
William Franke
3. Equivocations of “Transcendence”:

Tosaki, Eiichi - Mondrian's Philosophy of Visual Rhythm, ebook

Mondrian's Philosophy of Visual Rhythm

Tosaki, Eiichi


Table of contents
1. Mondrian’s Theoretical Beginnings and Spiritual Background of Neoplastic Rhythm
Eiichi Tosaki
2. Rhythm in Mondrian’s Early Theory of Painting
Eiichi Tosaki
3. Dynamic Rhythm and Static Rhythm: Polemics of Mondrian’s Theory of Rhythm
Eiichi Tosaki
4. Mondrian’s Rhythm and

Fan, Ruiping - Reconstructionist Confucianism, ebook

Reconstructionist Confucianism

Fan, Ruiping


Confucian Morality: Why It Is in Tension with Contemporary Western Moral Commitments
Ruiping Fan
2. Virtue, Ren, and Familial Roles: Deflating Concerns with Individual Rights and Equality
Ruiping Fan
3. A Family-Oriented Civil Society: Treating People

Makeham, John - Dao Companion to Neo-Confucian Philosophy, ebook

Dao Companion to Neo-Confucian Philosophy

Makeham, John


Zhou Dunyi’s Philosophy of the Supreme Polarity
Tze-ki Hon
2. Shao Yong’s Numerological-Cosmological System
Don J. Wyatt
3. Zhang Zai’s Theory of Vital Energy
Robin R. Wang, Ding Weixiang
4. Cheng Yi’s Moral Philosophy
Huang Yong