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Iglesias, Maria - Nonprofit Organizations, ebook

Nonprofit Organizations

Iglesias, Maria


Collaborations Between Public Administrations and Nonprofits: Towards a Relational Society
Alfred Vernis, Maria Iglesias, Beatriz Sanz, Àngel Saz-Carranza
4. Collaborations Among Nonprofits: An Immediate Challenge
Alfred Vernis, Maria Iglesias, Beatriz

Brewster, Chris - HRM in Mission Driven Organizations, ebook

HRM in Mission Driven Organizations

Brewster, Chris


People Management in Volunteer Organizations and Charities
Kerstin Alfes
4. HRM in the International Organizations
Chris Brewster, Paul Boselie, Claudia Purpura
5. Understanding HRM in Religious Organizations: HRM

Murdock, Alex - Private Action for Public Purpose, ebook

Private Action for Public Purpose

Murdock, Alex


Table of contents
Part I. Key Themes
1. The Emergence of Falck
Alex Murdock, Frederik Madsen
2. Investigating Reliability and Rescue
Anton Bradburn
3. Trust and the Public Sector
Christiane Stelling
4. Innovation in Products and Services
Stephen Barber, Alex Murdock
5. Governance and Ownership

Chaston, Ian - Public Sector Reformation, ebook

Public Sector Reformation

Chaston, Ian


Table of contents
1. Towards the Inevitable
Ian Chaston
2. Societal Values and Expectations
Ian Chaston
3. Politicians
Ian Chaston
4. The Media
Ian Chaston
5. Leadership
Ian Chaston
6. Employees
Ian Chaston