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Warwick, Mal - How to Write Successful Fundraising Appeals, ebook

How to Write Successful Fundraising Appeals

Warwick, Mal


At its heart this classic book is about how the process of fundraising is a process of one-to-one relationship building.  The book helps nonprofit staff responsible for writing fundraising appeals, write them well and drastically

Mutz, John - Fundraising For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Fundraising For Dummies®

Mutz, John


4 million charitable and nonprofit organizations in the United States Explains how to use social media to keep donors and volunteers engaged through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Web technologies Covers grassroots online fundraising

Walker, Julia I. - Jump-Starting the Stalled Fundraising Campaign, ebook

Jump-Starting the Stalled Fundraising Campaign

Walker, Julia I.

From 46,95€

Take your fundraising campaign from stuck to sensational
Things have suddenly gotten a lot tougher in the fundraising business. Nonprofits have begun searching for new ways to make budgets stretch further, to do more with less, and to maximize their