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Iglesias, Maria - Nonprofit Organizations, ebook

Nonprofit Organizations

Iglesias, Maria


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alfred Vernis, Maria Iglesias, Beatriz Sanz, Àngel Saz-Carranza
Part I. Collaboration
2. Collaborations Between Businesses and Nonprofits: Approaching Corporate Citizenship
Alfred Vernis, Maria Iglesias,…

Bielefeld, Wolfgang - Managing Nonprofit Organizations, ebook

Managing Nonprofit Organizations

Bielefeld, Wolfgang


It shows how to lead, manage, govern, and structure effective and ethical nonprofit organizations. Managing Nonprofit Organizations reveals what it takes to be entrepreneurial and collaborative, formulate successful strategies,

Brewster, Chris - HRM in Mission Driven Organizations, ebook

HRM in Mission Driven Organizations

Brewster, Chris


People Management in Volunteer Organizations and Charities
Kerstin Alfes
4. HRM in the International Organizations
Chris Brewster, Paul Boselie, Claudia Purpura
5. Understanding HRM in Religious Organizations: HRM

Clark, Cathy - Collaborative Capitalism and the Rise of Impact Investing, ebook

Collaborative Capitalism and the Rise of Impact Investing

Clark, Cathy

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And yet, the individuals and organizations committed to impact investing are just the tip of the iceberg in a larger movement. This includes the growing field of social enterprise, where market-based solutions can go beyond what government and philanthropy can do to