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Carver, Ben - Alternate Histories and Nineteenth-Century Literature, ebook

Alternate Histories and Nineteenth-Century Literature

Carver, Ben


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Castle of If
Ben Carver
2. Napoleonic Imaginaries
Ben Carver
3. Inheriting Antiquity: Political Genealogy in Disraeli and Renouvier
Ben Carver
4. Nebulous History and the Plurality of Worlds
Ben Carver
5. Lost Worlds and the (Un)Natural History of Gender

Hibbitt, Richard - Other Capitals of the Nineteenth Century, ebook

Other Capitals of the Nineteenth Century

Hibbitt, Richard


Local-Colour Literature and Cultural Nations
Josephine Donovan
3. They Fluttered like Moths: Exile and Cosmopolitanism in the Work of Germaine de Staël and Georg Brandes
Lynn R. Wilkinson
4. Crossing the Bridge: Constantinople Crowds and the Cityscape