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Bailey, Nick - Lives in Peril, ebook

Lives in Peril

Bailey, Nick


Introduction: The Health, Safety and Well-Being of Seafarers – Understanding the Challenges
David Walters, Nick Bailey
Part I. The Hazards of Work at Sea
2. A Picture of Health? Evidence of Mortality and Morbidity

Anderson, Jeremy - Professional Clojure, ebook

Professional Clojure

Anderson, Jeremy


Clear, practical Clojure for the professional programmer
Professional Clojure is the experienced developer's guide to functional programming using the Clojure language. Designed specifically to meet the needs of professional developers, this book…

Bailey, Ian - Turning Down the Heat, ebook

Turning Down the Heat

Bailey, Ian


Hugh Compston, Ian Bailey
Part I. Context
2. Climate Policy: Issues and Opportunities
Terry Barker
3. Political Science Perspectives on Climate Policy
Gary C. Bryner
4. The International Dimension of Climate Policy

Ham, Maarten van - Understanding Neighbourhood Dynamics, ebook

Understanding Neighbourhood Dynamics

Ham, Maarten van


Understanding Neighbourhood Dynamics: New Insights for Neighbourhood Effects Research
Maarten Ham, David Manley, Nick Bailey, Ludi Simpson, Duncan Maclennan
2. Understanding Neighbourhood Population Dynamics for Neighbourhood

Yamada, Toshihiko - Molecular Breeding of Forage and Turf, ebook

Molecular Breeding of Forage and Turf

Yamada, Toshihiko


Robbins, David Bryant, Samantha Gill, Phillip Morris, Paul Bailey, Tracey Welham, Cathie Martin, Trevor L. Wang, Takakazu Kaneko, Shusei Sato, Satoshi Tabata, Francesco Paolocci
12. Molecular Dissection of Proanthocyanidin and Anthocyanin Bosynthesis in White Clover

Hakansson, Anne - Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, ebook

Sustainability in Energy and Buildings

Hakansson, Anne


The Process of Delivery – A Case Study Evaluation of Residential Handover Procedures in Sustainable Housing
David Bailey, Mark Gillott, Robin Wilson
10. Sustainable Renovation and Operation of Family Houses for Improved Climate Efficiency
Ricardo Ramírez