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Chorafas, Dimitris N. - New Regulation of the Financial Industry, ebook

New Regulation of the Financial Industry

Chorafas, Dimitris N.


Written by a leading financial analyst, this new book provides a detailed overview of the new regulatory environment facing the financial industry. Whilst the 1980s and early 1990s focused on deregulation within the financial sector, today a key point

Butcher, Robert Mecrate - New TUPE Regulations, ebook

New TUPE Regulations

Butcher, Robert Mecrate


The new TUPE Regulations came into force on 6 April 2006 - what do they mean for your future business transfers? Find out in this concise Special Briefing. This timely Special Briefing gives a detailed background to the new

Frayn, Keith N. - Metabolic Regulation: A Human Perspective, ebook

Metabolic Regulation: A Human Perspective

Frayn, Keith N.

From 48,85€

The important Third Edition of this successful book conveys a modern and integrated picture of metabolism and metabolic regulation. Explaining difficult concepts with unequalled clarity, author Keith Frayn provides the reader with an essential guide to the subject. Covering topics such as

Meyers, Robert A. - Epigenetic Regulation and Epigenomics, ebook

Epigenetic Regulation and Epigenomics

Meyers, Robert A.

From 372,90€

Epigenetics is beginning to form and take shape as a new scientific discipline, which will have a major impact on Medicine and essentially all fields of biology. Increasingly, researchers are unearthing links between epigenetics and a number of diseases.

Denollet, Johan - Emotion Regulation, ebook

Emotion Regulation

Denollet, Johan


Emotion Regulation and the Anxiety Disorders: Adopting aSelf-Regulation Perspective
Thomas L. Rodebaugh, Richard G. Heimberg
10. The Clinical Assessment and Treatment of Trauma-Related Self and Affect Dysregulation
Annemiek van Dijke
11. Emotional Inhibition,