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Fielding, Steven - The Labour Party, ebook

The Labour Party

Fielding, Steven


The Labour Party Continuity and Change in the Making of 'New' Labour Reviews 'For students of Britain, Blair, and socialism, this is a valuable work...highly recommended.' - H. Steck, Choice DescriptionThe Blair

Koistinen, Pertti - Labour flexibility, ebook

Labour flexibility

Koistinen, Pertti


Labour flexibility -a factor of economic and social performance of Finland in the 1990s For Finland, the 1990s was a decade of dramatic change of the economy and politics. The political decision-makers, institutions and individuals were confronted with the need to adapt to new

Leggett, Will - After New Labour, ebook

After New Labour

Leggett, Will


When Sociology Met Politics: New Labour and the Third Way
2. Third Way Sociology
Will Leggett
3. Third Way values?
Will Leggett
4. Analysing Social Change and Political Strategy
Will Leggett
Part II.

Diamond, Patrick - New Labour's Old Roots, ebook

New Labour's Old Roots

Diamond, Patrick


The New Labour project was not conjured up out of thin air — it only looks that way because of the party's amnesia about the intellectual roots and political traditions which have guided it. This book provides extracts from fifteen thinkers and politicians

Bogdanor, Vernon - From New Jerusalem to New Labour, ebook

From New Jerusalem to New Labour

Bogdanor, Vernon


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Vernon Bogdanor
2. Clement Attlee, 1945–1951
Paul Addison
3. Winston Churchill, 1951–1955
Vernon Bogdanor
4. Anthony Eden, 1955–1957
David Carlton
5. Harold Macmillan, 1957–1963

Richards, David - New Labour and the Civil Service, ebook

New Labour and the Civil Service

Richards, David


Theorising Whitehall: Labour’s Response to the Conservative Inheritance
David Richards
4. Transition in Government
David Richards
5. Labour and the Civil Service: From Managerialism to a Reconstituted Westminster Model
David Richards
6. The

Charnock, Greig - The New International Division of Labour, ebook

The New International Division of Labour

Charnock, Greig


Introduction: The New International Division of Labour and the Critique of Political Economy Today
Greig Charnock, Guido Starosta
Part I. Capital and the International Division of Labour
2. The General Rate of Profit

Russell, Meg - Building New Labour, ebook

Building New Labour

Russell, Meg


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Meg Russell
2. The Context for Reform
Meg Russell
3. Selecting Candidates and Leaders: The Battle for One Member One Vote
Meg Russell
4. Selection under Blair: The Fall and Rise of One Member One Vote
Meg Russell
5. Women in the Party: The Quiet Revolution

Beech, Matt - Ten Years of New Labour, ebook

Ten Years of New Labour

Beech, Matt


Table of contents
1. New Labour and the Politics of Dominance
Matt Beech
2. The British Model of Political Economy
Simon Lee
3. New Labour and Public Expenditure
Maurice Mullard, Raymond Swaray
4. New Labour and Social Policy
Stephen Driver
5. New Labour and the Rise of the New Constitutionalism

Atkins, Judi - Justifying New Labour Policy, ebook

Justifying New Labour Policy

Atkins, Judi


New Labour’s Welfare Reforms: The New Deals
Judi Atkins
8. Rights and Constitutional Reform: The Human Rights Act of 1998
Judi Atkins
9. Community: New Labour’s Policies